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80+ Happy Birthday Quotes for Him - Special Wishes for Men

calendarMay 30, 2017

At least once in a year, everyone gets to enjoy their birthday. The secret of the successful birthday is planning. Have the date in your phone calendar in such a way that it can alert you two weeks prior, so that you can have enough time to come up with a perfect happy birthday for him. Below are some naughty and funny happy birthday wishes for him:

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  1. Nothing is more comfortable than being wrapped in your arms next to a warm fire on a very cold snowy day. Well.. except on your birthday, mi Amor.

  2. At the moment I glanced at the sky that evening, I saw a falling star and made a wish. Right now I am here with you because my wish was fulfilled. From the bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday!

  3. It never crossed my mind that I would love anything more than chocolate, but then I found you. I wish you the happiest birthday ever, my cupcake.

  4. The love I feel for you strengthens as every year ends, so on this special day, let us take the moment to make your birthday a jolly one.

  5. This message is for my hero, my knight in shining armor. You defend me and show me love. I am forever your princess, so I am wishing you a very beloved and happy birthday.

  6. Happy birthday to my man, who holds my hand gently and firm, who lends me an ear night and day, and assures me that everything is going to be okay.

  7. Happy birthday to the one man who has never let me down, whether shine or rain. I am so jolly and thankful that you are mine.

  8. The moment I hold a cute puppy, I’m reminded of when am holding you, I get that fuzzy and warm feeling. Happy birthday!

  9. During your birthday, I had a thought of putting only one candle on your delicious cake so that I can show that you are undoubtedly one of a kind.

  10. Let the warmth of our sweet love give you comfort when the times seem lonely and chilly. I will always be there for you. Happy birthday!

  11. Never before has any man ever left me yearning for more, but then you came into my life. You are a blessing that happened to my life. Happy birthday!

  12. No one I have met is as strong as you are, and I can always depend on our love during tough times. Happy birthday, my robust rock!

  13. Over the years, we have both realized that our love is very rare and precious. Happy birthday, my special one.

  14. You are the happiness, the love, and the light of my life. I wish you the happiest birthday.

  15. This could sound usual, but you are everything to me, and I cannot even imagine my life without you in it. Happy birthday love!

  16. When I am with you, we can do all things and fly high to the sky free. May your birthday take you to heights you have not discovered.

  17. May your heart explode with love that blooms bright and colorful in your heart during this special day. I love you

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  18. The love you feel for me sparks my heart and sets my soul on fire with desire and passion. I wish you a warm birthday.

  19. There is no one who knows what the future will be like but I’m certain that the love I feel for you will always stay true. Happy birthday!

  20. Our love runs deeper than the ocean and faster that the rivers. Because of this, may your birthday be very jolly.

  21. I will always be beside you and for this reason you will never be alone. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happy birthday.

  22. I always feel home whenever I am wrapped in your arms. Happy birthday to my comforter.

  23. You have won my heart with your brave character and handsome smile. I wish you the happiest birthday my king.

  24. I can fantasize a thousand things about you and I, but I am happy that I can experience those fantasies with you here. Have a warm birthday.

  25. Happy birthday to my man. The feelings I have for you will always remain and you should be aware that you and I are forever and I will love you always.

  26. There is no finer and more special man than you are and I have never been more proud to call you mine. Have a wonderful birthday.

  27. From the start, I surely knew that the love we share would endure. Have the best birthday ever my love.

  28. Whenever we are apart, I feel very low but whenever we are together I glow. Happy birthday mi Amor.

  29. The love I feel for you is so strong that I am sure we are meant to be. I wish you the greatest birthday ever.

  30. I am going to always be there for you whenever you need your best friend and lover over the nights and days. Happy birthday!

  31. Other times, it never seems enough just telling you happy birthday and due to this I am going to shout it out from the top of Burj Khalifa.

  32. I adore pets and love flowers too. Although the only thing I would really love is celebrating your special day as a date for two.

  33. When you smile and I have a peek into your eyes, all I realize is that you are a blessing to me. Happy birthday, mi Amor.

  34. Birthdays are many and short lived, but you should realize that no TV show is more special than your birthday.

    -You can accompany this with other sweet happy birthday messages for him.
  35. Each and every day I spend with you is special, but today is super special because it’s your birthday, my king. With kisses and love I wish you a happy birthday.

  36. Happy birthday honey. You brighten my dark days, you shine in my cloudy days, and you bring warmth in my cold nights.

    -You can use this as happy birthday text for him.
  37. I still have memories of the butterflies that I got in my stomach during my first day at school. But that doesn’t compare to the butterflies I feel when I am with you. Happy birthday my love.

  38. Most people call the fire department in the case of a fire, but myself I call you even though you are the one who started the spark. Now go ahead and blow those candles on your cake!

  39. I got you a birthday cake, streamers, and balloons for your birthday. But I also purchased you the one thing that did not cost me a dollar: my love for you! Happy birthday love!

  40. Wishing you a happy birthday. You are my best friend as much as you are my boyfriend.

  41. Happy birthday to the most amazing man! Knowing you is the most special thing that has happened in my life.

    -You can use this on happy birthday cards for him. sweet happy birthday messages for him
  42. The most cordial wishes to my wonderful boyfriend! I feel happiest when you are close to me love. I wish you the most memorable birthday.

  43. Sending to you a love ocean on your birthday, babe! May your special day be as awesome and as happy as you are!

  44. Happy birthday love, no one is as special as you are. Honey, you make my universe complete.

  45. The most cool wishes to the one person who completes my life. Happy birthday!

  46. Loving birthday wishes to my steady pillar! Thank you for being the one person I can count on.

  47. Happy birthday honey, you are the most adorable person and I can’t imagine my life without you. I wish you the happiest day!

  48. Happy birthday sweetheart, I wish you the most wonderful day that you will not forget.

  49. Birthday greetings to the happiness and the love of my universe. I wish you the most wonderful and special birthday.

    - Use this to make special birthday wishes for him.
  50. May your birthday be special, just like you are to me, honey!

  51. Happy birthday to the most handsome and happiest man on the planet. I wish you an extremely exciting day.

  52. Happy birthday boyfriend, I love you with all my heart, I feel at home and warm when I am in your arms.

  53. Happy birthday my love, all I wish you is wonderful encounters on your special day and every day of your life.

  54. Happy birthday sunshine, your love makes all the days of my life sunny and warm.

  55. Happy birthday my greatest treasure. I am happy to have a generous and charming lover. Wishing you greatest moments and feelings on your birthday.

  56. Happy birthday boyfriend, wishing you a loving day. Thank you for being there for me, calming and listening to me. Love you till the end.

  57. Happy birthday to the most amazing person in my life, I love you honey. Happy birthday.

  58. I did not think I could love anything more than I love ice cream, then you came into my life, I love you honey. Happy birthday!

  59. I would want to tell a million words to you, but I am going to speak just three words to you…WHERE’S THE PARTY? Happy birthday love!

  60. I would like to hug and kiss my boyfriend on this special day and let him know that he means the world to me. Happy birthday dear!

  61. All I want is to thank you for loving me, for cracking my ribs, for your encouragement, and support. Happy birthday, my love!

  62. My wish today is to give you a birthday kiss. Happy birthday boy!

    sweet happy birthday messages for him
  63. You are caring, sweet, and loving honey. I wish that never changes. Happy birthday!

  64. Today is a lovely occasion waiting for us to celebrate. So let us celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!

  65. Today is a big occasion to let you know how special you are in my life and I wish you a special birthday.

  66. My love, you may have gotten older by a year today but you are hotter than ever!

  67. Does the day seem more bright or is it just your special day?

  68. There is no present that I can give you, because you have the most wonderful and precious gift ever-me. Happy birthday love.

  69. If a genie appeared and asked me what I wanted there and then, I would wish to be your birthday cake so that you could feast on me. Happy birthday babe!

  70. I am going to make you a promise on your special day- I will never stop being the cherry on your birthday cake-Happy birthday!

  71. While you will be engaged making birthday wishes, I will be engaged giving you birthday kisses on your face. Happy birthday honey.

  72. Celebrating your birthday reminds me that being your special person makes every day a day to celebrate. Happy birthday handsome.

  73. Happy birthday handsome! I hope to make you happier this coming year.

  74. My hot birthday wish for you, my hot boyfriend is a happy birthday hottie!

  75. There is no present that can ever make up for the unconditional love that I receive from you. I am happy to be yours and I love you. Happy birthday!

  76. Today is the best day to tell you how in love I am with you and how I have reserved a special place in my heart for you. Happy birthday babe.

  77. Happy birthday, my dream guy. Let us celebrate like today is the last day of our lives. Happy birthday!

  78. No one knows how the future will be, but all I know is that my love for you will remain forever! Happy birthday and I am happy I shared this special day with you. Happy birthday!

  79. My hope today is that your birthday is full of happiness and love, just like what you and I have. I love you. Happy birthday!

  80. I wish and hope that your dreams come true on your special day. Happy birthday!

  81. You may have added one year to your age but I am glad that I am getting older with you. Happy birthday!

  82. I hope that your birthday is as amazing as you are. Happy birthday wonderful man!

  83. The birthday cake that we will devour is sweet, but you are sweeter! Happy birthday!

    - You can use this quote on the happy birthday cakes for him.
happy birthday cakes for him


Above are all possible romantic happy birthday quotes for him.

You can also come up with happy birthday messages for him and send them via text.

He would be very happy if you also had special birthday surprises ideas for him: like a sweet happy birthday text and funny happy birthday images for him.

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