The Importance of Creating a Birth Plan
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The Importance of Creating a Birth Plan

calendarJuly 26, 2016

Birth plan checklist

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging journey in the lives of women. You will find some symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. It can be very hard for a woman to distinguish whether you are pregnant after the absence of your menstrual period.

This is true for those who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycle, but you need to know that there are some subtle signs that can tell if you are really pregnant or not. Most women can conceive right after a missing their period, it is imperative to understand the symptoms of pregnancy, so you can begin a prenatal care that is required to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Signs on Your Birth Plan Examples

When you experience symptoms of pregnancy, you need to know what these symptoms are and how to handle it in case you experience one. It is also possible that a pregnant woman will experience all of these symptoms at the same time.

The first one increases in basal body temperature. This is the increase of the basal temperature that can start right after ovulation and it will stay elevated for your next menstrual period. Ovulation can happen if the mature egg comes out from the ovary to the fallopian tube and this egg is ready to be fertilized by a sperm. Implantation of the fertilized egg will take place six to twelve days right after ovulation. You can check for your body’s temperature with the use of an accurate thermometer. As you work on your pregnancy journal, you may indicate some of the signs when you suspect that you are pregnant.

Second symptoms of pregnancy are tender breast and enlargement of nipple. A woman who is suspected pregnant will go through some changes like swelling, softness of the breast and nipples. These are the most common sign and early sign of pregnancy. Some women may think that the cause of these symptoms is just uncomfortable bra or clothing. You will notice that the nipple mainly the dark area called areola will be enlarged and darken at the same time. This must be included in your pregnancy journal; it can help you assess if you are pregnant or not.

Third symptoms of pregnancy are vomiting and nausea, it is also called as morning sickness. This is a very uncomfortable feeling for women and it can happen during the 6th week of pregnancy, but sometimes it also happens earlier. It is true that half of the pregnant women experience morning sickness, but some do not include vomiting. Nausea is attributed to abrupt increase of hormone level within the body. Doctors think that these symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness mean that the baby will develop normally and he or she will become healthy. 

In case morning sickness with vomiting, then you need to drink a lot of water to hydrate your body. You may also experience constipation as an early sign of pregnancy. It is defined as having three bowel movements per week, which can be very uncomfortable. The reason for it is because of slow breakdown of food in the digestive system caused by increase of hormone called progesterone. When you work on your pregnancy journal make sure that all of this information is written in it as well.

Making a Birth Plan Template

The birth of your child must be one of the most momentous event in the life changing as well as joyful experiences in life. You may want to spend time in thinking through some of the information of your hopes and wishes for this momentous experience. You may start your pregnancy journey with a journal.

You may write down some of the thoughts, signs and plans for the upcoming birth as much as you can. The journal can help you in establishing your significances in life and then give a list of concepts to be of help to you in making a birth plan. You can start making a worksheet. You can easily find it online and some of them are printable.

What is a Birth Plan?

Most of you must have been asking yourself about what is a birth plan? A birth plan is just a meek and precise statement of your fondness for the birth of your baby. Giving a copy of the plan for everyone who are straightly involved in the birth will give them better comprehension of what is occurring and giving them the chance to solve some problems even before the momentous day comes. This is due to the fact that there are lots of features of birth that must be considered, so it will be good for you to not just wait for the due date to come, but to plan as well.

This will prepare you for the coming of your newborn child. The plan will give you an efficient way to deal with some of the most essential information with those who are actually responsible for giving you care and sustenance. You must try to be reasonable and flexible with your wishes and wants, since these things will not always go with your plan. Keep in mind that the most essential thing is to make sure that the baby is safe while he/she is still in the womb and during the delivery.

Writing a Checklist for the Sample Birth Plan

How to make birth plan examples

Consider what you want to compile in the birth plan template.

You need to discover some of the routines and methods best for taking care of pregnant moms. If you are not approved with the policies or processes involved in the birth setting, you must discuss it with your doctor. As you learn more about the processes involved in pregnancy and how to take care of your unborn child, you must know the information that must be on your checklist.

First, you must dedicate the first page for the birth or postpartum while the second page is about how to take care of the complications. There are questions that may help you in writing down your birth plan. You can also indicate the signs of pregnancy monthly and then compare the signs that you have encountered in the past months or weeks.

Some of the Questions That You May Answer Using the Sample Birth Plan

  • Who do you want to be by your side when you give birth?
  • Are you for doula?
  • Is this your first child?
  • Do you want to be mobile or do you want to stay in bed for a while?
  • Do you have a certain position in mind upon giving birth?
  • Are you for C-section?
  • Are you for natural method?
  • Where do you want to give birth? At home or in a hospital?
  • What do you want to relieve pains? Massage? Hot and cold packs? Labor imagery? Relaxation or through medicines.
  • What is the best care you want during and after giving birth?

How to Write a Sample Birth Plan?

Birth planning takes a lot of time. You must be familiar with some of the choices, comprehension and how they can or will affect the parts of the labor. You must also know the comfortable methods of giving birth by your doctor, that must be something that you must write in your sample birth plan. The real value of the birth plan lies during the preparation time. You must discuss things with your doctor or to whoever will assist you in giving birth. The birth plan will provide you with a guide to pregnancy and about birthing.

New mothers are quite nervous about pregnancy, they worry about lots of things like what their baby may look like, what is going on with the baby inside the womb, is there something else that may be taken to ensure the health of the baby or to make the baby healthier. The sample birth plan will help you prepare even better while working on your birth plans. Everything must be documented while you are pregnant, by doing this, you can keep notes of some important things about pregnancy and then you can recall some of the important matters too which can help you on your second, third and even fourth pregnancies.

Sample Birth Plan

  1. Planning for a child in the family – this is about your pregnancy journey as you expect a child regardless if it is about natural or C-section childbirth.
  2. Planning for twins in the family – this type of sample birth plan is for those who are expecting twins. The labor progress must be written here and if the pain relief that will be given is epidural or Pitocin.
  3. Planning for those who doesn’t know if it will be a C-section type of delivery or if it will be natural – this is for those who have been starting a labor, but still undetermined if it will be for C-section of for a natural delivery.
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