Top 10 Best Swaddle Blankets Reviews
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Top 10 Best Swaddle Blankets Reviews

calendarMarch 28, 2017

Sleep is one of the fundamental requirements for living a healthy and natural life. Good quality sleep allows one to rest and get rejuvenated for the next day. Sleep is even more important for babies. They are going through one of the fundamental stages of life where a lot of change and development takes place in their minds and bodies.

How do you, as a parent, ensure better quality sleep for your child? A swaddle blanket would be an excellent purchase for this purpose. Read on to find out which are the best swaddle blankets.

10 Best Swaddle Blankets in 2017
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9.60 ounces
10.90 inches
Free shipping
Several choices of color and pattern, removable wings, smooth cotton fabric
Tight neck, small pockets
Bottom line:
This simple swaddle is a versatile option that's comfortable and convenient to use.
8 of 10
4.20 ounces
48.00 inches
Free shipping
Super soft, lightweight, breathable, easy to swaddle with
Won't last a long time, colors start to fade after a few washes
Bottom line:
Baby swaddle blankets made of muslin cotton are some of the best because of how soft and breathable they are. This pack of four presents excellent value for its price.
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16.00 ounces
44.00 inches
Free shipping
Gets softer with every wash, looks nice, easy to fold
Gets dirty easily, can't be used in winter
Bottom line:
This set of four muslin blankets is well made and looks great. It's especially recommended to parents residing in warm places.
8 of 10
2.40 ounces
2.40 inches
Free shipping
Convenient design, several choices for color and printed pattern, silent operation
Too warm to use when the weather's hot, poor after-sales support
Bottom line:
This is the best swaddle blanket to get if you value convenience and ease of use.
10 of 10
16.00 ounces
47.00 inches
Free shipping
Large size, variety of different color combinations and patterns, machine washable
Expensive, design isn't perfectly printed
Bottom line:
This set of blankets is worth the high price because of how well-made and reliable it is.
9 of 10
8.00 ounces
15.00 inches
Free shipping
Unique purpose, easy to put on, vibrant design
Can't be used as main swaddle, limited usability
Bottom line:
This swaddle blanket is a niche product which tries to accomplish a unique goal. While it can be used as a normal swaddle, it's not recommended to do so.
8 of 10
16.00 ounces
8.20 inches
Free shipping
Cozy, soft, easy to swaddle your baby with, good brand
Noisy zip and velcro, gets dirty quickly
Bottom line:
This is one of the best baby blankets when it comes to providing value and convenience.
8 of 10
0.30 ounces
8.80 inches
Free shipping
Secure fit, easy diaper changes, easily adjustable
Doesn't allow arms to be free, narrow bottom
Bottom line:
In a market where good infant sleep sacks are hard to come by, this option from Summer Infant represents the best that you can get.
9 of 10
12.80 ounces
9.50 inches
Free shipping
Roomy and spacious interior, thermal regulating technology, unique printed pattern
Dull color, unsuitable for hot places
Bottom line:
With its advanced features and spacious interior, this model certainly earns the moniker of a super swaddle.
9 of 10
16.00 ounces
40.00 inches
Free shipping
Can accommodate heavier babies, strong fabric that doesn't tear, excellent customer service
Only two size options, bulky
Bottom line:
There aren't too many swaddle blankets out there which are as luxurious and royal looking as this.

1. Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs

Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs best swaddle blanketPrice: $27.96 from


  • Transitional swaddle
  • For babies between 3 to 6 months old
  • Breathable fabric
  • Hip-healthy design
  • This is a breathable baby blanket since it's made up of mostly cotton.
  • The zips are smooth and don't snag.
  • Can change your baby's diaper without removing him from the swaddle.
  • Some babies might find having their arms free uncomfortable.
  • Isn't ideal for winter.

Starting off this list is Love to Dream's swaddle. As you can probably see from the title, it's meant for babies that weigh between 13 and 18.5 lbs. This is only a rough guideline that shouldn't be taken too strictly.

The swaddle is built well enough to support heavier weights without an issue. However, there is a limitation with regard to the maximum height that it can fit comfortably. The swaddle can accommodate babies up to 26.4 inches in height. As such, this swaddle is ideal for newborns who are between three and six months of age.

This swaddle comes in three different styles. Each style has different colors and patterns.

The first option has a rather conservative looks. It is gray in color with straight horizontal lines. This model will appeal to parents with muted tastes. The next one has the same horizontal lines. In this case, though, the lines are colored in different shades like yellow, red and light blue, in addition to gray. The final option is the most colorful and lively looking. It's got a pattern consisting of zigzag stripes which are light blue and gray in color.

This swaddle has some features that make it easier to use and operate. This is not surprising considering that the product was made keeping the needs of newborns in mind. Case in point, the dual zipper design. This aspect of the swaddle makes changing a baby's diaper much easier. What it essentially does is allows you to change your child's diaper without having to take him out of the swaddle. This ensures there won't be any snaps or loud velcro closures during the process.

2. Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets "Spots n' Stripes" 4 Pack

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets "Spots n' Stripes" 4 Pack Price: $27.99 from


  • Made of 100% Muslin Cotton
  • 4 x 4 ft. in size
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Stylish printed pattern
  • Value for money.
  • Matching designs.
  • Large and versatile, can also be used as stroller covers, picnic blankets or changing blankets.
  • The fabric is a little slippery.
  • Threads can start unraveling after a couple of uses.

Swaddling babies has been a long tradition for a reason. Swaddling restricts your baby's movement. It creates a snug fit. In terms of available space and freedom of movement, it creates conditions similar to that of a mother's womb. Babies often have trouble getting acclimated once they're born. They long for the comfort of their mother's womb. Swaddling is the perfect way to recreate those conditions.

While standard cotton sheets or blankets are pretty comfortable, nothing beats the comfort and flexibility of muslin swaddle blankets. Though it's essentially cotton, muslin cloth is much thinner and lighter. This makes it easier to wrap around your baby to swaddle him. It's also a lot more breathable than other fabrics. This makes it especially suitable to use in hot summer conditions, since it will allow the free flow of air and keep your baby cool.

The cloth of which this particular set of blankets is made is very soft and fine. It feels luxurious. Another astounding quality is that it gets softer the more you wash it. That means with each trip to the washing machine, it becomes smoother. This makes these blankets ideal to use for babies who have sensitive skin. Thanks to its breathable nature, it will also prevent overheating because it does a good job of dissipating heat. It will keep your baby cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The excellent value of this product comes from the fact that it's actually a set of four different blankets. The advantage of having several blankets is that you can send one for washing while using another in its place. It's also useful if your baby soils the blanket since you'll have a backup immediately ready, which you can use after cleaning him.

3. Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends, 4 Count

Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddleplus Safari Friends, 4 Count best baby blanketsPrice: $34.95 from


  • Available in several cute designs
  • Thin fabric
  • 44 x 44 inch size
  • Comfortable
  • The large size of the cloth makes swaddling a baby a lot easier.
  • The multiple blankets are useful, if you're a mother of twins.
  • A lot of variety and choice when it comes to choosing the design and print the blankets come in.
  • Swaddling using a sheet takes some skill and training.
  • You may end up receiving a design different from the one you ordered.

Like the previous product, this one is also a pack of four blankets made of muslin cotton. Where it differs is that it's not limited in styling to a few designs. While the previous one's designs only had gray and white, this model ships with a variety of different designs. There's no dearth of options when trying to find something that suits your tastes. The selection of printed patterns is unmatched by any other product.

The blankets are available in 10 different design styles. Some are more suited for boys while there are others that were made specifically for girls. Gender-specific designs are the minority, though, since most patterns of prints will suit both, boys and girls, equally. The sheer amount of choices can make picking one a difficult task. If you're unsure of which to get, buy the one with animals printed on it since that's the friendliest looking one and will appeal to your baby the most.

This set of blankets has all the characteristics and advantages that are typically associated with muslin blankets. These blankets are soft, smooth, lightweight and breathable. Muslin is the ideal cloth for people living in hot and humid climates since it can swaddle a baby without making him feel uncomfortably hot. It doesn't store heat and allows it flow into the environment.

On the flip side, muslin doesn't do a good job of keeping a baby warm during cold winters. It's unable to insulate properly and store warmth. As such, parents living in cold climates should avoid blankets like these or others that are made of muslin since they won't keep a child warm.

4. Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Natural Beige

Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Natural Beige super swaddlePrice: $29.95 from


  • Silent closing mechanism
  • Imported
  • Prevents facial itches and twitches
  • Great for fussy sleepers
  • The 100% cotton is both comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Holds the baby in well.
  • You can take your baby in and out of the swaddle without disturbing his sleep since it operates silently.
  • Since the swaddle is pre-folded, it's designed for babies of a certain size and can't accommodate older infants.
  • The cloth becomes slightly coarse after several washes.

Swaddle blankets are great at doing the job they're made to. They help a baby to sleep better. However, they come with the caveat that they need to be wrapped properly to function well. Wrapping properly is also important from a safety standpoint. An improperly tied swaddle could be potentially risky, since your baby can be harmed if it comes undone.

Despite its importance, many mothers find wrapping a swaddle difficult. Even those that can, prefer something that's easier to put on.

This swaddle from Miracle Blanket takes a different approach. Instead of being a plain sheet, it's already pre-folded. It's a wearable sleeping blanket for babies. It has a flap-based design. You unroll the flaps to put your baby in. Once he's in place, you roll them back on to securely fit him in place.

The design is quite thorough and foolproof. The triple arm flap design, as the swaddle blanket's manufacturers have christened it, is patented and proprietary to Miracle Blanket. It's a lot easier to use than conventional swaddle blankets. It makes the operations of removing and swaddling your baby a whole lot easier. As a result, other tasks like changing his diapers become simpler to accomplish.

This swaddle is ideal for busy mothers who have a lot on their schedules and need to get many things done. It removes the hassle from the process of swaddling and will save you time by allowing you to do it faster.

In terms of personalization, there is a lot of choice since Miracle Blanket is available in several different styles. Each of the models has a unique look and design. There are options like the plain white and beige ones, which will appeal to conservative tastes, and kid-friendly designs, such as the one with lions and giraffes printed on it. It also sells in unique colors like purple, green and mint.

5. Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddling Blankets, 4-pack - Rock Star - One Size

Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddling Blankets, 4-pack - Rock Star - One Size Price: $49.95


  • Imported
  • 100% cotton
  • Large size
  • Pre-washed
  • It's pretty soft straight out of the box because it's pre-washed.
  • Breathable and allows air and heat to flow through it freely.
  • Strong fabric that's stitched well.
  • Some of the designs could look better if they were printed precisely.
  • Black variant set gets faded quickly.

This set of four swaddle blankets is another set made of muslin cotton. Despite the numerous muslin blankets that exist, this model is somewhat unique and worth considering over the others. It's got a lot going for it. Most people are under the impression that all muslin blankets are essentially the same thing. The only differences they note are the variations in the brand manufacturing them and the pattern printed on them.

It's okay if you're a part of that group, since most people feel that muslin blankets are one-dimensional products. However, there's a lot to distinguish similar models made by different brands. One of the factors is fabric and stitch quality. This aspect is often overlooked, since it can't be measured objectively or seen in a photo.

Build quality is the area where this product excels. While it's got the usual features of muslin blankets such as being breathable and versatile, what really sets it apart from other similar products is how well made it is.

This set of blankets has been receiving some of the best swaddle blankets reviews, all praising its build quality. The fabric used to make the blankets is of superior quality and doesn't tear easily. It's also pretty soft when you first get it. Like all muslin swaddle blankets, it gets softer the more you wash it.

Another area where this product excels is in giving purchasers a huge catalog of stylish designs from which to choose their blanket. There are 26 different sets. Some of them are loud and colorful while a few are muted and rather plain looking. Which set you choose is completely up to you, since they're all completely identical other than the pattern printed on them.

6. Zipadee-Zip Busy Town 3-6 months (12-19 lbs and up to 28 inches long)

Zipadee-Zip Busy Town 3-6 months (12-19 lbs and up to 28 inches long), best swaddle blanketPrice: $38.95 from


  • Featured on the TV show Shark Tank
  • 3 different sizes available
  • Reduces the risk of hip dysplasia
  • Prevents scratching
  • Each of the 9 designs available are bright, vibrant and look cute.
  • Doesn't show signs of wear and tear.
  • Allows full range of movement.
  • One of the best looking sleeping outfits.
  • Parents with simpler tastes will feel left out since there's no plain color option.
  • Zip can get stuck sometimes.

This product is not trying to replace any other swaddle blankets that you may have or are going to buy. Instead, it has a very specific purpose. While most swaddle blankets can be used for several months, this one is designed to be used only at specific junctures called transition periods where your baby is transitioning from one type of sleeping pattern to another.

This swaddle blanket is a wearable one. You're meant to put your baby in it and then zip it up. Being wearable makes it more convenient to use since it is a lot easier to make your child wear a blanket than wrap one around him. There's also the added benefit that it's guaranteed to stay on.

Most traditional swaddle blankets fail when it comes to remaining wrapped around a child for long periods of time. A baby's movements and rolling around the bed throughout the night lead them to get undone. As such, they need to be periodically adjusted. As this model follows a wearable approach, it doesn't have this issue. It has no problem keeping a baby wrapped and covered.

The fact that this is a transitional swaddle blanket sets it apart in an otherwise crowded market. It is the unique selling point of this model. According to the manufacturer's directions, it is supposed to be used only when your baby reaches 3 months old, starts rolling around when sleeping, reaches 12 pounds or breaks out of the swaddle and wakes up in the middle of the night.

The arms spans protrude slightly to ensure that there's adequate space for a baby's arms. Its shape is such it that offers some resistance to the movement of the hands while sleeping. This will stop the startle reflex that some babies have from triggering.

7. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, Who Loves You (SM)

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, Who Loves You (SM), best baby blanketsPrice: $19.98 from


  • Ensures safer sleep
  • 4-stage operation
  • Works with car seats and sleeper products
  • Available in 10 styles
  • It's very well made, despite being one of the cheap baby blankets.
  • Its stage-based design allows you to use it for a long time.
  • The instructions included are simple and easy to understand.
  • The velcro sealing the armhole doesn't remain closed if your baby is very active.
  • Can make a lot of noise.

This swaddle is a dynamic and versatile model. Most baby swaddles are made with a specific size and age of baby in mind. They can't accommodate older and larger babies. Because of this, they will cease to remain useful once your baby doesn't fit in it. You'll have to keep buying new, larger swaddles as he grows older.

One possible alternative is to just use a blanket swaddle, instead of fitted one. The problem with that approach is that standard blankets have some drawbacks and are less convenient to use.

If you're looking for a wearable blanket swaddle that can be adjusted to fit your baby as he grows, then this is your best bet. This swaddle blanket follows a stage-based approach for its use. The blanket was designed to be used in four different stages. Each of these stages has some unique qualities that make it a great addition to the swaddle's feature set.

The process of changing the blanket from one stage to another is also easy and intuitive. So what are the stages and what do they do?

The first stage is the pod stage. In this mode, the blanket is meant to be used with the integrated zipper. You're supposed to fit your baby in it and then zip up the blanket. The zipper is quite sturdy and won't come undone easily. It'll remain in place, keeping the blanket zipped up regardless of how much your infant child moves in it. This stage is ideal for babies that are between 0 and 3 months of age.

In stage two, the swaddle is used with the flap instead of the zip. In this stage, your child gets more space to sleep in. It's ideal for babies that are less than 6 months old.

The third stage is called the wrap-sack stage. It is similar to the second one but the key difference being that the baby sleeping in it can have his arms out. This is perfect for the transition period of a baby's life. As such, you should use it when your baby is older than a month and younger than 8 months.

The final stage is the wriggle blanket. It ensures a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience for older babies and toddlers.

8. Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, 2-Pack

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap, 2-Pack, Pretty Petals, infant sleep sacksPrice: $34.90 from


  • Can be bought in preemie, small or large size
  • Prevents startle reflex
  • Has a harness slit
  • Creates womb-like sleeping environment
  • Being a cotton swaddle blanket, it is very comfortable and soft.
  • The printed pattern remains just as vibrant even after several washes.
  • The soft fabric wings fasten the swaddle without baby discomfort.
  • Some features are gimmicky.
  • The velcro can stick to clothes when holding a baby in the swaddle.

This swaddle from Summer Infant is similar to the last one. At first glance, they appear alike, though the brands which manufacture each of these are different. This results in a few key variations that could make all the difference.

The most obvious are the differences in the patterns and styles in which each of these come. Summer Infant's swaddle comes in 13 styles which is more than SwaddleMe's 10 styles, which makes this swaddle ideal for parents that liked SwaddleMe's concept and implementation but not its designs. Summer Infant gives you not only more options, but also more variety in the choice of pattern.

The styles are more distinguished from each other. Some are specifically styled with the aesthetic stereotypes of boys while a few models are better suited for female babies. They all have the same solid features and reliability. This means regardless of your choice of style, you'll end up with a swaddle blanket that'll serve you well.

In terms of day to day use, this swaddle performs as well as one would expect a Summer Infant product to perform. It follows a four-stage design system wherein the blanket can be modified according to your baby's needs, size and age.

As it is a wearable blanket, it is very convenient to use and easy to operate. This blanket is a great choice for parents that are busy and don't have time to wrap and unwrap swaddle blankets. This model actually goes a step further in the convenience department. The leg pouch can be opened. This will allow you to change your baby's diaper without having to take him out of the swaddle.

9. Little Lotus Swaddle in Lotus Signature

Little Lotus Swaddle in Lotus Signature, best swaddle blanketPrice: $78.00 from


  • Hi-tech
  • Easy diaper access
  • Thermal regulating fabric inside
  • Can be opened from top and bottom
  • Every swaddle that's bought contributes towards helping a baby in the developing world.
  • There's a zipper to make changing diapers more accessible.
  • Comes in excellent packaging that looks high-end.
  • Max weight capacity is a little less.
  • Expensive.

It's often found that in a bid to save on manufacturing costs, brands skimp out on the room that's available towards the bottom of the swaddle. Many models of wearable swaddle blankets have the common issue that while they're comfortable and roomy towards the top of the blanket, they're cramped at the bottom. This is the result of a tapering design where the width decreases toward the end of the blanket.

Many babies find this uncomfortable since they don't get any space to move their knees and legs around. They're stuck in an uncomfortable position.

To rectify this issue, Little Lotus ensured that this unit has ample space at the bottom. It follows a reverse taper design where the top is narrower than the bottom. If you're having trouble visualizing it, try to imagine the shape of a gourd. Though the top appears narrower due to the wider bottom, it's actually wide enough to comfortably and securely accommodate your newborn.

Aside from the innovative shape and cut, this blanket has a few other features that make it better than others. One such feature is the materials and fabrics that have been used to make it. On the outside, it's covered with pure cotton fabric. Like most other blankets made of cotton, this too is very soft and nice to touch.

The real innovation is on the inside, though. The interior of the swaddle blanket uses a proprietary fabric. This cloth is patented and has the unique feature of thermal regulation. It performs very well at keeping the temperature inside mostly constant and dissipates any extra heat that accumulates very efficiently.

10. BundleBee Baby Wrap, Swaddle and Baby Blanket Kit with Back and Neck Support Insert, Pink Ruffle, 0-4 Months

BundleBee Baby Wrap, Swaddle and Baby Blanket Kit with Back and Neck Support Insert, Pink Ruffle, 0-4 Months

Price: $50.00 from


  • 8 color options
  • Quilted blanket
  • Coconut fiber insert included
  • Polyester filling
  • This is one of the only swaddle blankets available that's quilted.
  • The coconut insert is strong and supports a baby well.
  • It looks grand and affluent.
  • Some people may find the styling too flamboyant.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

Swaddle blankets are typically pretty thin. Conventional muslin blankets are even thinner. They get a little extra thickness when used only due to the multiple layers that get wrapped around the baby. Wearable blankets, on the other hand, are also pretty thin. They just do the job of restricting your baby's movement and containing him within a given space.

A lot of parents want a blanket that does both the jobs of swaddling a baby and keeping him warm in the winter. While there are many models which fulfill the former purpose, they're often found lacking when it comes to doing the latter. Not this one, from BundleBee, though.

This model is quilted on the inside. The lining is thick and makes the inside soft and fluffy. It gives a lot of physical support to a sleeping baby. The stuffing is actually polyester. The filling is what makes the blanket feel luxurious. It's also hypoallergenic so it won't cause any allergies.

The cushioning makes sleeping in the blanket undoubtedly more comfortable. It also provides extra security when someone holds your baby. To provide more support to your baby's back, you can also use a coconut fiber insert. This insert is included with the blanket and can be taken in and out of the back pocket easily. The cover with which your baby will be in contact is made from pure cotton.

The swaddle blanket uses a Velcro mechanism to keep it securely closed. It can be opened quickly, without much effort needed.

Choose the best way to use best swaddle blankets in video below:

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