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Top 10 Best Baby Walker Reviews

calendarMarch 03, 2017

Learning to stand and walk is critically important and your baby should get all of the help he or she can get. Getting a walker is a fantastic way to support your child learning how to stand and walk. In fact, walkers can give your baby much needed to be added muscle tone. Plus, certain walker models can act as great preoccupation for your child to remain safely ensconced in while you tend to things around the house, while others can act as great toys.

But with so many out there it can be difficult to determine, which walker is best for baby? In this article, we're going to look at ten different sit to stand and seated walkers, for your baby. We've looked at other reviews of the best baby walkers from all over the net to determine which models are best for you and your child.

10 Best Baby Walkers in 2017
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10 of 10
13.20 lbs
26.00 inches
Free shiping
Easy to clean walker with a fun race car design
Not terribly flexible and so it doesn't train walking all that well
Bottom line:
Overall, a good walker-stand frame for your child.
8 of 10
8.20 lbs
18.50 inches
Free shiping
Simple push kart design
Fairly pricey model with few features
Bottom line:
Nicely designed push kart walker if you want to pony up the money.
7 of 10
9.00 lbs
25.20 inches
Free shiping
Great stationary baby walker
No real drawbacks to this model
Bottom line:
One of the best baby walkers on the market
8 of 10
9.30 lbs
19.50 inches
Free shiping
Sturdy design and easy to move
Not designed to for younger infant children
Bottom line:
One of the best wooden baby walkers.
8 of 10
17.60 lbs
28.15 inches
Free shiping
Great safety feature which prevents potentially ugly accidents
Somewhat difficult to move and maneuver for some children
Bottom line:
Great plastic walker at a generally reasonable price.
8 of 10
7.00 lbs
22.50 inches
Free shiping
Versatile design allows this toy to be ridden or used as a walker
May scuff up walls and furniture
Bottom line:
Great walker trainer and rider.
7 of 10
12.00 lbs
17.50 inches
Free shiping
Fairly light walker with many bonus toys and features
A little expensive may be difficult to use on some forms of carpet
Bottom line:
Great multi-use walker with neat features
7 of 10
13.20 lbs
27.60 inches
Free shiping
Great design and multi-functionality walker
The plastic type isn't as sturdy as the plastic as other walker models
Bottom line:
Overall this is the best baby push walker for baby.
6 of 10
5.40 lbs
15.90 inches
Free shiping
Great low-weight plastic frame with tons of neat toys
Better for older infants, may tip over easily, wheels may not run well on certain carpeting
Bottom line:
Good combination of walker and toy station.
9 of 10
15.60 lbs
27.80 inches
Free shiping
Simple design, lots of tray space, great additional high chair function
Relatively few features for a steep price
Bottom line:
Simply a basic walker and high chair with ample tray space.

However, before we begin, we're going to overview the three different types of walker models for clarity. The first, sit to stand or standing walkers, also referred to here as push cart walkers, are mobile carts which allow your child to move around while pushing the walker from behind. In a sense these walkers act as walking assistance platforms. More recent models usually come with additional features such as toys or an interactive play center.

Seated walkers are more traditional models. They keep your child in a fixed position and are typically made with either an activity center or a flat table tray on which toys can be played with or food and can eaten. It is for these reasons that models tend to be a bit more versatile and act as walkers, play centers, and a convenient spot for a meal.

Generally speaking, seated walkers are more expensive than standing walkers. However, standing walkers made of wood tend to be exceptionally price compared to plastic seated or standing models.

1. Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby WalkerPrice: $97.29 from


  • It is sturdy and resilient
  • The item is made of plastic
  • There is a snack tray located underneath
  • It is removable with steering wheels
  • A funny car – raced modern design.
  • A seat is fully padded and comfortable.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • There is an activity center with lights, sounds and horn.
  • A reasonable price.
  • In case of movement lack, the rubber on back wheels may fall off.

This model is sturdy and resilient, and so can bear plenty of wear until your child grows out of it. On top of that, this model can take enough abuse to be used multiple times by successive children. Thus this walker is a great long-term investment for families who plan on having many children. As with any good infant product, the seat is comfortable and fully padded and is easy to clean.

The items frame is made out of plastic so it is also easy to clean. On an aesthetic note, while your tyke likely won't notice, you, your family, and your house guests will really enjoy the cute racecar design. On top of that, the design incorporates a fun activity center with lights, a horn, and a steering wheel. The activity console is removable and has a snack tray located underneath.

Unlike some more traditional walkers, this model does not bounce up and down. The upside is that the walker will stimulate your child's legs to stand. The downside is that the lack of flexibility doesn't make it an ideal walker-trainer. Lastly, at nearly thirteen and a quarter pounds the walker is a bit heavy. The weight coupled with the walkers design could make moving the walker a little unwieldy for those who are on the slight of frame side. In summary, the Combi Ferrari F1 baby Walker is a great infant stand, but a subpar baby walker.

2. Combi My Neighbor Totoro Ghibli Push Cart Walker

Combi My Neighbor Totoro Ghibli Push Cart WalkerPrice: $433.92 from


  • It is a push cart model
  • 3 pretty toys are included
  • It is toxin-free
  • It may be used only indoors
  • Pretty simple design.
  • Soft fabrics.
  • There is no paint.
  • The expensive model.
  • It can be only hand – washed.

The walker is a push cart model, so children aren't limited to just being confined to a fixed position. This design feature makes this model one of the best wooden baby walker on the market. The model includes three cute Totoro plush toys. There is no paint and the frame is evidently toxin-free.

Unfortunately, this model is particularly pricey given the relatively simple design, even by wooden walker standards. However, depending on where you purchase the item you may be able to pay it off incrementally, rather than all at once. Given the fact that the frame is constructed of stained wood your cleaning options are limited. Furthermore, you can only hand-wash the soft fabric components. These factors in combination with the authentic wooden body mean that you should only use this walker indoors.

All things considered, the Combi My Neighbor Totoro Ghibli Push Cart Walker is a fairly pricey model with few additional features besides being a basic push walker. Most of what you are paying for is simply the IP of the stuffed character which comes with the product.

3. Safety 1st Sounds'n Lights Activity Walker

Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights Activity WalkerPrice: $49.99 from


  • It is introduced in two design types
  • One of the best walkers on the market
  • It features 2 activity trays and a folding frame
  • It contains 3 height – adjustments
  • 5 playful dinosaur-themed toys are included.
  • The pleasant price.
  • A machine - washable padded seat.
  • The trays are easily washed away.
  • The lock is located directly below the tray that may create some inconveniences.

Hands down, the Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights Activity Walker simply is one of the best baby walkers on the market. The items include five toys, along with an electronic music and light display which comes with twelve songs pre-installed.

This walker comes in two major design types: Dino and safari surfing.

This model possesses a removable folding frame and activity tray. The padded seat is machine washable so the inevitable messes baby might make are a simple cleanup. The seat adjusts to three different heights so this walker is one of the best baby walkers for short babies and tall types. The items legs have grip strips so the walker is going to stay fixed in place even on uneven surfaces.

On the whole, this model is fantastic and has no considerable flaws. However, some parents do complain that even at its highest setting the Safety Activity Walker isn't tall enough to for some children, so we recommend that parents consider the height of their child before purchase. None the less, this is one of the best walkers available for most parents and babies.

4. Schorsch Child's Walker

Schorsch Child's Walker

Price: $360.00 from


  • It is suitable for children 1.5 years or older
  • The wheels are rubber
  • It is designed with a neat compartment
  • The wheels do not leave skid marks on the floor
  • Easy to clean.
  • One of the reasonable priced wooden models.
  • A perfect sturdy design.
  • This model is not suitable for the babies less than 1.5 years.

The Schorsch Child's Walker is a great wooden walker for older infant children. Designed with a neat flip top compartment you can stash toys in the walker, making this model a fun toy and a great way to keep your kiddies mess under control. The body is made entirely out of birch plywood and the wheels are rubber so cleaning this model is easy. The rubber wheels themselves can be locked into a fixed position to the walker, so it will not tilt or skid. Plus, the rubber that the wheels are made of are formulated not to leave skid marks, to this model can be used either on laminate or wooden flooring, worry-free.

However, the manufacturer recommends that this product be used for children who are eighteen months or older. So this walker is more of a push cart toy and motor skill reinforcement device than it is a beginner walking trainer. Since this model is constructed out of authentic wood the price point for this model is fairly high compared to plastic models. However, in comparison to other wooden models this walker is fairly reasonable. These factors along with the slick design make this a great push cart walker.

5. Jane Formula Kid Baby Walker

Jane Formula Kid Baby WalkerPrice: $430.38 from


  • A funny car – raced modern design
  • It contains 3 height – adjustments
  • The model is perfect for children of a variety ages
  • The seat cover is removable and easy-washed
  • The high – quality plastic wheels that do not produce any noise.
  • A cute protective cover around the base.
  • Great safety features prevent your child from accidents.
  • It is rather heavy.
  • For some children the walker is too high.

Another fun, racecar-themed walker trainer is the Jane Formula Kid Baby Walker. It is a fine walker-trainer with much of the standard features of a typical model. The item possesses a versatile activity tray with lots of fun light up buttons and a steering wheel which is sure to keep your child thoroughly entertained. The walker's seat can be adjusted to three different heights to accommodate children of a variety of sizes and ages. Like most good walker models the padded seat cover is removable and can be easily washed, too.

The plastic wheels are designed not to produce any sounds, so even if your child is scooting all over the floor, it will not be making a ruckus. One thing that sets this model apart is its built-in proprietary safety mechanisms which prevents the walker when approaching a ledge or a flight of stairs from tumbling down it. Lastly, it has a neat protective cover around the base to prevent damage to walls or furniture in the event of walker collisions.

Consumer reviews of this model are generally positive. However, some consumers report issues with the model's mobility, specifically, that the model is impossible to move forward and difficult to move backward. Also, for some children the walker, even at its lowest settings it is designed to be too high for them.

6. Fischer Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino

Fischer Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride DinoPrice: $84.99 from


  • It may be used either a walker or a toy
  • The handles prevent slipping
  • The design has several electronic features
  • It is perfect for boys or girls
  • High-quality walker and a play center.
  • There are three lights, fun sound effects and several songs.
  • A Cute Dino design.
  • The wheels are not protected safely.
  • The item may scratch the furniture.

The Fischer-Price Stride-to-Ride Dino walker is a fantastic, durable walker which also doubles as a fun riding toy. The Stride-to-Ride's versatile design allows children to ride the model and drive it with walking motions. Or children can stand behind it and use the item as a walk and balance assistance toy.

The Stride-to-Ride's handles are designed to prevent slipping so you don't have to worry about an accidental falls or tumbles while in the middle of playing. Since it can be used as a training tool and a riding toy this item has a longer product lifespan than other walkers and push carts. This clever design feature means that this model has a much longer lifespan as a large toy even after your child has learned to walk about.

The cute Dino design incorporates several electronic features including three lights, fun sound effects, and several pre-installed songs. Plus, with it's fun but gender neutral design this model is one of the best baby walkers for boys or girls. The one downside for you, the parent of this walker-rider is its great mobility. Of course, this is great for your child, but the model has no protective guard around the wheels. This means that your furniture and walls may be subject to new scuffs and damage. So keeping careful watch of your tyke while playing with this walker is highly recommended. However, as a walker and as a play center, this model comes as being highly recommended by us.

7. Bright Starts 2-in1 Walkin' Wild Walker

Bright Starts 2-in1 Walkin' Wild WalkerPrice: $59.99 from


  • 3 height – adjustments
  • Removable toy station
  • It is sturdy and space – saving
  • Friendly – fashion
  • A pretty jungle-themed design.
  • The comfortable high-eat back.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A steering wheel activates light and melodies.
  • A built-in tray.
  • It is difficult to use on the carpets.

This walker has a resilient elliptical frame, a seat which can be changed to three heights and can be pushed from behind in addition to being a walker. In addition to the walker itself, the set includes a removable, light-up steering wheel, which plays exciting sounds and fun melodies. This device requires three double A batteries which have an estimated lifespan of twenty-four hours.

The manufacturers are so confident with respect to the ease of setup and use of their product, the Bright Starts 2-in1 Walkin' Wild Walker is certified to be frustration-free. This guarantee seems to be vindicated by a myriad of glowing consumer reviews online posted to retail websites like Amazon.

For example, most reviewers on Amazon highlight the fact that the walker is sturdy, without being too bulky or taking up too much space. However, some consumers often report it being perturbed by the high price of this walker set. This walker and all of its accessories may be difficult to use on certain forms of carpet so it is best to keep this model on polished wooden, flat tile or laminate flooring.

8. My Child Car Walker For Baby

My Child Car WalkerPrice: $310.60 from


  • Available in two colors – red and blue
  • It may be used as walker and push cart
  • It may be used for children six months and up
  • The tray is removable
  • A pretty race-car design.
  • The tray can be cleaned easily.
  • A multi-functional toy steering wheel.
  • The nice foot pad is included.
  • The plastic is frangible.

Designed after a racecar, this walker has fully functional tires, which come with locks. So your baby can use this as a standing trainer, walker or push cart. The item is designed with a bright colorful checkered cloth. This walker and push toy functions well and looks great. At the walker's base is a supportive checkered footpad so your baby doesn't have to get cold feet or dirty socks while standing on the floor. However, this soft, cloth base somewhat defeats the purpose of a seated walker: a platform on which your child can stand and build walking motor memory.

Made with marvelous detail this item even has fun rear view mirrors. The tray is detachable and can be removed easily for cleaning with a simple on/off-type switch. Like any proper racecar-themed walker the tray includes a toy steering wheel with lots of fun buttons and levers. We have seen several reports of parents who related that their child loves these fun features.

Great for early walkers and young infants the manufacturer recommends this item for kids six months and up. This product has been fully safety tested and is also certified frustration-free. Lastly, this model comes in two colors: red and blue. One word of warning to parents, the plastic that this walker is made out of may be considered to be too brittle. In some cases pieces have been reported as having broken off, so be mindful.

However, these may be simple product defects. On that note, be sure to check the return and warranty policy of your model provided by both the manufacturer and the online retailer that you get your walker from. All things considered, though, this is one of the best walker for baby that you can find online.

9. Chicco Infant Baby Activity Walker

Chicco Infant Baby Activity WalkerPrice: $54.42 from


  • It is designed for ages 6+ months
  • The model requires 2 x AA 1.5V batteries
  • It is made out if light plastic
  • 2 in 1: a baby walker and an activity center
  • A reasonable price.
  • A cute design.
  • Lightweight.
  • It features built-in lights and sounds.
  • The batteries are not included.
  • It does not run well on the carpets.

Both a walker assistance tool and a full play center, this item has a shape sorter, play balls, and interactive attached doodads. Made out of light plastic, this walker is easy to move into storage once your baby is finished playing with it. However, this light-weight makes the Chicco Infant Activity Walker easy to tip over. Another drawback is the fact that the wheels do not run well on certain carpets or other flooring types. In fact, some consumers report that the walker only runs well on tile at all.

This model's activity center features built-in lights and sounds which respond when your child's places the correct toys through shaped holes. Plus, the walker plays music when pushed by your child, so this item both encourages mental and physical stimulation. From what we've read, parents absolutely rave about this features. One thing to note, though, in order to use these features, two double A batteries are required and are not included with the walker.

Given the fact that this walker's support is ideally for older infants who are already walking. However, given the fact that it is still a fun play center, this is a great cheap baby walker for your child to grow into and play with well after learning how to walk. We've found that babies, and the parents themselves respectively, consistently love this product. Given its suite of phenomenal characteristics and reviews we consider this to be one of the best push cart walkers on the market.

10. Joovy Spoon Walker

Joovy Spoon WalkerPrice: $80.13 from


  • Available in four colors: charcoal, blueberry, red and green
  • It has a removable large tray
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate FREE
  • It may be turned into a highchair
  • Easy to fold and to store.
  • The seat pad is machine-washable.
  • It is sturdy with the oversized wheels.
  • Compact design.
  • Relatively expensive.

Simply put, the Joovy Spoon Walker is a basic walker. The two feature which makes this model notable is its large tray and its capacity to be adjusted into a highchair. This exceptionally large tray which can be easily removed for cleaning. The tray can be wiped clean or even loaded into the dishwasher. Unlike other walkers, this model can be easily folded for storage or shipping. Made with a simple design, this walker is easy to adjust and can be turned into a highchair.

Like most walker's this model has three adjustable height positions and the seat pad is comfortable and machine washable. This model comes with non-slip pads and large, easy to maneuver wheels, as well. This feature makes it one of the best walkers with wheels on the market. Lastly, The Joovy Spoon Walker folds easily for easy storage or travel.

The downside of this sit to stand walker is that for its moderately high price it only possesses a few features. However, this plainness in combination with the extra large tray table allows you to use it as a play center, walking trainer or eating place. Plus, the high chair function means that this model can save you money on an additional childcare product purchase. So while not the best baby walker in terms of having a bevy of features, the Joovy Spoon Walker is still an all-around solid walker and high-chair combo.

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