Top 10 Best Baby Jumper Reviews
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Top 10 Best Baby Jumper Reviews

calendarMarch 13, 2017

Baby jumpers happen to be ingenious baby fun and learning activity products. They are now highly noted for permitting babies to utilize their developing leg muscles, while having great fun in the entire process.

Generally speaking, the best baby jumper consists of a seat that is attached to an elastic strap. The baby can be placed on the seat and will then be able to use their toes to be elevated from the ground. In essence, these given baby activity products depend on this up and down motion to be able to keep babies much delighted and occupied.

Indeed, now more than ever, most parents love baby jumpers as their activity assists them in making very young children sleep in a better manner at night. This is mainly because they can totally expend excessive energy from babies.

10 Best Baby Jumpers in 2017
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10 of 10
15.80 lbs
Free shiping
Promotes comfort and security, stimulating interactive play and its easy to use
Setting up the seat can be challenging
Bottom line:
It's a rewarding investment for your baby.
8 of 10
20.90 lbs
Free shiping
Secure support seat, 5 height settings and additional link loops
Requires much attention when hanging the seat
Bottom line:
Its a great product with convenient adjustments.
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14.00 lbs
Free shiping
Nice selection of the music, very safe, some parts can be removed and easy to set up
Not foldable
Bottom line:
It provide a great distraction for the baby.
8 of 10
19.40 lbs
Free shiping
It's a big jumper and it doesn't move round, has mirror and can rotate to allow the baby to play with all the toys
Bouncing is minimal
Bottom line:
It's a great toy for the baby with best adjustability features.
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16.00 lbs
Free shiping
Safe and stable, allows spinning and jumping actions, and the baby can exercise legs with extra jump
Take some time to assemble
Bottom line:
A great bouncer with different adjustment settings.
7 of 10
3.10 lbs
Free shiping
Provides a secure interior doorways, and has enclosed spring to protect the child for touching the spring
You need to wipe the jumper before playing time
Bottom line:
Super cute jumper for younger babies.
6 of 10
4.80 lbs
Free shiping
Adjustable height, good for growing baby, can easily be attached to a door frame and has good music. It's also inexpensive
Can be used on limited door frames
Bottom line:
A cute doorway jumper.
7 of 10
12.00 lbs
Free shiping
Its foldable, adjustable height and has a spinner
Baby can only face in one direction
Bottom line:
Its a great invention with your money.
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15.60 lbs
Free shiping
Offers great support, provides excellent exercises for the baby, and its secure and safe
Mostly suitable for small babies
Bottom line:
Great bouncer for younger babies.
7 of 10
17.00 lbs
Free shiping
Easy to assemble, adjustable height, well themed with colors and has durable frames
Only suitable for babies above 6 months
Bottom line:
Excellent baby jumper that is nicely themed with great colors.

What is the appropriate age to use a baby jumper?

What are the different types of baby jumpers that currently available in the market? You might now be wondering whether you can be able to get your child a baby jumper and if it is totally safe to do so. Well, basically the rule of thumb when it comes to the right age to use these baby activity products is when a baby can be able to support his or her head without any assistance. Still, there are some general exceptions to this rule. This includes the cases where a baby jumper manufacturer places a minimal age, weight or even height limit to their products.

As we speak there happens to be a number of different kinds of these baby entertainment and learning activity products that you could settle for. Let us now take a brief at some of the most notable of these.

Stationary baby jumpers

A stationary baby jumper normally comprises of a seat, an elastic cord and a supporting frame. Apart from the bouncing or jumping movements, stationary baby jumpers cannot provide any further entertainment activities.

Stationary activity baby jumpers

These given varieties of baby jumpers like the stationary types, also comprise of a seat, an elastic cord and a supporting frame. On the other hand, unlike the latter, these ones also come with activity stations and toy bars. The exact sorts of toys offered by a stationary activity baby jumper, for the most part, tend to vary from one brand to the next.

Still, the main similarity between all of them is the fact that they serve the same purpose. This is to effectively entertain the baby when he or she gets weary of bouncing or jumping up and down.

Also, stationary activity baby jumpers can feature activity stations, which can serve as excellent learning experiences for very young children. This includes assimilating motor reflexes skills and in some cases, even learn the basics of languages.

Doorway baby jumpers
The best baby doorway jumper consist of a seat that is suspended from straps which are then attached to bungle like cables. On the extreme end of these cables is to found a clamp that you can be able to use to attach a doorway baby jumper to the frames of your interior doors.

Just what should you look for in the best baby jumpers currently to be found in the market?

As would be expected, there are a number of important factors you should always reflect on whenever you wish to purchase the best baby jumper for your very young child. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable you should determine prior to making such a purchase.


The seats of baby jumpers tend to differ from one brand to the next. Yet, there happen to be some important features you should always be on the lookout for. To begin with, seats that come with customizable height functionalities are highly recommended. These particular products can be ideal as they will be able to grow with your child’s physical development as he or she grows older. Additionally, seats that have plush padding can offer optimal comfort for your baby when placed on the jumper. Finally, seats with detachable and washable fabrics will make your job easier when it comes to maintaining their cleanliness.


In spite of the baby jumper variety you set your eyes on, it is very vital to avoid those that are only supported by one elastic strap. A single strap means that the baby jumper can swing in any given direction and this usually results in your baby sustaining serious injuries. Ideally, an excellent baby jumper ought to have at least 2 different straps, which will be able to completely secure your child as he or she bounces up and down.

Weight limit

The recommended weight limit for these given products tend to vary from one brand to the next, and there is nothing like general rule to this issue. So, before you pick any of them, make sure that you opt for the one that can comfortably support your child’s weight. If you fail to do this, you can always be assured that at one point or the other, the baby jumper will break under your baby’s weight and injure him or her.

Activity stations and toy bars

Like it was earlier noted, there are some baby jumpers which come with activity stations as well as toy bars to guarantee that your child can access all the entertainment and learning experiences to stay happy. Some of these toys and activity stations are electrically powered and are in a position of producing pleasing sounds and even flashing lights. While there are others that feature different textured components and can emit some noise when your baby touches or shifts them.

When picking the best baby jumpers for your child, it is always wise to fully understand his or her preferred play habits or inclinations. He or she might prefer toys which rattle or those that are soft to the touch. By selecting a stationary active baby jumper that comes with the various activities or toys your baby really enjoys to play with, you can make sure he or she won’t lose interest in it.


These baby entertainment and learning activity products are not continuously utilized. At one point or the other, you may need to store the one you choose somewhere safe when not in use. Should your home’s available space be limited, always go for those that can be conveniently folded or be easily disassembled for storage purposes.

Well, with the above points fully understood, lets us now commence this best jumper for baby brands review to identify the finest varieties which are currently available in the market. Most of the products are of high quality and designed to last longer. You can choose your suitable baby jumper also by selecting that suits your budget since they come at different prices.

Here are the best baby jumpers in available in the market :

1. Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest JumperooPrice: $61.35 from


  • A spinning seat with soft spring covers
  • Three-position height adjustment
  • The toys at five locations on the platform
  • It requires 3 AA batteries
  • Easy to use and to store.
  • A comfortable rotating seat that is machine-washable.
  • An electronic toy at the front has a motion.
  • The lights and music can be activated.
  • It is designed not for very small babies, a child should be 5/6 months and at least 30” long.

This product, as its manufacturer asserts, has been specifically designed for the express usage of a baby who is in a position of supporting his or her head without any assistance. Also, it can be ideal for those very young children who as yet cannot climb out, crawl or walk by themselves. Generally speaking, it falls under the already reviewed category of stationary activity baby jumpers. This definitely implies that it can facilitate for your baby to jump and down in absolute comfort, and more to the point, safety.

Even better, the Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo comes with a soft sided overhead toy bar to keep your child busy. This particular toy bay has a squirrel rollerball as well as 2 woodland creatures in perfect keeping with this baby jumper’s rainforest theme. At its front, there is to be found an activity station, which features motions, music and flashing lights that can are activated by your baby’s up and down motions.

Like it has been already noted, this product has been designed with the maximum safety of your child as one of its principle considerations. To this end, it has 2 soft leaves’ which extend from its supporting frame to fashion a secure overhead canopy. This given canopy keeps your baby safely in position as he or she bounces up and down.

Its comfortable seat, like the best varieties of these products, is capable of rotating 360 degrees. This allows your child to be able to interact and play effectively with various toys located at 5 different stations on its platform. The Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo integrates a 3 position height customization feature to enables you to conveniently achieve the most perfect fit for your baby all the time. While at the same time, making sure that he or she can grow and develop with it.

When it comes to storage, you will be able to easily take it down as its frame can be pivoted to a nestled position. This certainly implies that you can effortless tuck it away without taking up much space while doing so, when it is not in use. Still, on its exceptional safety features, the rotating seat of this baby activity jumper features soft spring covers, which prevents the pinching of your child’s finger.

2. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special EditionPrice: $68.69 from


  • A spinning seat
  • Five-position height adjustment
  • It includes piano and 12 plus activities
  • It requires 3 AA batteries

  • Easy and quick seat adjustment.
  • A seat has a soft fabric that is machine-washable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The variety of toys.
  • The pleasant price and the nice product quality.

  • The item consists of two big parts and you need some space in order to put them after the dismantling.
  • It does not jump well.

Here is yet another stationary activity baby jumper you might like to look into. It comes with an extremely secure seat that integrates additional height and is well padded when compared to most other alternatives. This ensures that your baby can bounce up and down in absolute comfort.

Its seat, like the best of these products, can be able to rotate 360 degrees to offer all round unlimited access to all the toys and activity stations cluttered around its platform. Basically, it comes with 4 different activity stations, which include an electric piano that can activate flashy lights and classical music. To make things even better, the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition offers a fascinating language learning experience for babies in the English, French and Spanish languages.

As for other fun activities your child will get to revel in, this product has several toys. This includes a spinning frog bead chaser, a rattle drum with beads that can spin, a mirror to mention but a few. This baby jumper also comes with an additional loop where you will be able to attach some more of your baby’s favorite toys. Finally, it offers a 5 position height customization feature for you to always arrive at the most perfect fit and lets it grow with your child’s physical development.

3. Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

Baby Einstein Neptune JumperPrice: $87.99 from


  • A rotating 360 degrees seat
  • Four-position height adjustment
  • It includes the ocean-themed toys
  • It requires 3 AA batteries

  • The item is space-saving.
  • The variety of electronic exciting toys.
  • Built-in storage tray and machine-washable seat pad.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

  • The item is not foldable.

As the name suggests, this oceanic themed stationary activity baby jumper. As such, it boosts of a number ocean creature toys your baby will love to play with. This includes a crab spinner ball, an octopus paddle and even a star fish that comes with a discovery mirror. Additionally, the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper has a detachable turtle activity station. This particular activity station features flashy lights and sounds that will adequately fascinate your baby.

On top of all this, this activity station has a language discovery feature that will introduce your child to the world of numbers and colors in the English, French and Spanish. It also has flash cards that come with real life imagery that keep your child fully occupied.

While its cushioned for comfort seat, like the very best out there, can conveniently rotate 360 degrees. This facilitates for easy access to all activity stations and toys found on this stationary activity baby jumper. It integrates a 4 position height customization adjustment position functionality that will let you obtain the best fit and grow with your child as well. Finally, the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper has a remarkable space saving footprint. This allows you to fully entertain and keep your baby busy without taking up much space.

4. EvenFlo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Activity Center

EvenFlo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Activity CenterPrice: $77.88 from


  • Three - position height adjustment
  • It includes 58 fun learning activities
  • A machine-washable seat pad
  • It requires 6 AAA batteries

  • The item is space-saving and removable.
  • A bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad.
  • The variety of exciting toys.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

  • According to the reviews there is a chemical smell first days from the item.
  • This item may start to play music at random times.

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Activity Center is a jungle themed stationary activity baby jumper, you may like to settle for. Besides one other product that will be reviewed later, this one stands out from the rest of the pack due to it incredible 45 exciting learning activities. This naturally goes a long way in assisting your child to achieve critical developmental milestones in a stress-free manner.

It is also important to note that most of its toys were developed with the help of the Child Development Institute to realize these milestones.

Your baby will get to rock, spin and jump to his or her satisfaction. This is certainly more than sufficient physical exertion to enable him or her to strength their leg muscles and also quickly master vital motor reflexes. Also, all the activity toys that are found on this stationary activity baby jumper can conveniently detached from it to make sure your baby can learn and play at virtually everywhere.

5. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Stationery Jumpers, Jam Session

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Stationery Jumpers, Jam SessionPrice: $96.88 from


  • Three-position height adjustment
  • It includes 67 fun learning activities
  • A machine-washable seat pad
  • It requires 12 AAA batteries

  • It includes the spinning seat and a wide tray.
  • A bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad.
  • The variety of «smart» electronic toys.
  • Easy to use and clean.

  • A lack of bouncing.
  • It is hard to move.

This product can facilitate for fun filled jump, spin and reach actions, which can provide a lot of work out that will strength your child legs muscles. While at the same time, significantly improving his or her gross motor skills. To begin with, the Evenflo ExeSaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session comes with a distinctively balanced base. This design of this base can be able to greatly develop core strength as well as coordination for your child.

Still on this unique base, it can facilitate for smooth and soft landing of your baby’s feet. This naturally promotes stability in your child’s early development stages. He or she will also get to experience with a grand total of 67 fascinating learning activities. It come with a smart electronic toys, which interact with each other. This furnishes your baby with plenty of flashy lights and soothing sounds that cover 3 different music genres.

6. Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper Roo

Evenflo Joey Jump Up Door Jumper RooPrice: $31.83 from


  • It works with high doorways
  • It contains a sturdy door frame clamp
  • A framed seat pad
  • The batteries are not required

  • A reasonable price.
  • A cute design.
  • Easy to use and pack.
  • A safe and comfortable seat.

  • It does not jump very well.
  • There are no any toys.

Here is an excellent variety of the finest doorway baby jumper brands that are currently to be had in the market as we speak. It is highly noted for been in a position of providing maximum entertainment and exercise to very young child. All this and more, without in any way taking a lot of space in your home. When it comes to your baby comfort, the Evenflo Joey Jump Up Roo comes with a frame seat that can surround him or her and keep them happy and content.

A fully enclosed spring then prevents them from touching the door’s spring, an event that can endanger safety. It boasts of a customizable strap, which will significantly assist you in conveniently adjust it you baby’s development in weight and height as they grow older. While its robust door frame clamp can be able to fit virtually any interior doorway in their house securely.

The Evenflo Joey UP Door Jumper Roo integrates an exceptionally portability and you can use it in almost anywhere in your house for conveniently baby entertainment. Finally, it integrates an extremely compact design and you will find it very easily to tuck it away when not in utilization.

7. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway Jumper

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway JumperPrice: $95.99 from


  • Adjustable strap heights
  • It easily clamps to the standard door frames
  • Removable play dashboard
  • It requires 2 AA batteries

  • It includes the removable play dashboard with music, mirror and a fun key.
  • A bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad.
  • A very cute design.
  • Easy to attach to a doorframe.

  • The batteries are not included.
  • It is not as sturdy as the floor jumpers.

This is yet another exceptional example of the best doorway baby jumpers that you might like to look into, if you wish to purchase these varieties of baby jumpers. It comes with an adjustable strap height that make sure you can always use it even when baby grows older. The seat is well padded and soft. This guarantees that your child will stay happy and content when he swings in this baby jumper.

Unlike like most other doorway baby jumper, this one is highly acclaimed for possessing a detachable play dashboard that offers soothing music, a mirror as well as a clicker. You will be able to effortlessly attach it to your home’s doorways with the non-manning clamp that is included in the whole package. All in all, the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway Jumper guarantees much bouncing play , which can conveniently promote healthy activities for your baby whenever necessary.

This doorway baby jumper can safely support top baby weights of as much as 26 lbs.

8. Fisher Price Floral Confetti Spacesaver Jumper

Fisher Price Floral Confetti Spacesaver JumperPrice: $54.97 from


  • No doorway required
  • It includes soft – sided toy bar
  • 4-position height adjust
  • It requires 3 AA batteries

  • Easy to use and to fold.
  • A bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad.
  • 8 interactive toys.
  • A machine-washable seat pad.
  • A space-saving and portable item.

  • There are some difficulties to open and fold it down.
  • A lack of bouncing.

The Fisher Price Floral Confetti Spacesaver Jumper is yet another instance of the best stationary activity baby jumpers you can be able to find in the market. Ideally, it has been specifically designed to use with babies who are able to support the weight of their heads by themselves. Along with those who cannot climb out or walk without support.

Every time your child jumps up and down, he or she will be rewarded with flashing lights, fascinating sounds and music. It features a soft side overhead toy bar. This toy bar includes a squirrel rollerball, and 2 spinners. In total this baby jumper offers 8 different toys. Some of the most notable are a colorful light up piano, a wiggly jiggly frogy teather and a clicker turtle. Not to mention a clacker ring bar that features 3 colorful rings. Its comfortable seat can rotate 360 degrees to provide unlimited access to its various activity stations and toys for child.

This product incorporates 4 position customization to achieve the most perfect fit for you baby.

9. Jolly Jumper with Super Stand

Jolly Jumper with Super StandPrice: $139.00 from


  • It includes the super stand
  • No doorway required
  • There are no tools required for assembly
  • The batteries are not required

  • Easy to use, fold and maintain.
  • A Super Stand which provides ultra-bounce.
  • It is sturdy and well-designed.
  • It offers a great exercising workout and helps baby with coordination.

  • It is hard to put baby in and out the harness.
  • It takes too much space.

The Jolly Jumper with Super Stand rounds up this best baby jumpers review. First of all, it incorporates an innovative super stand to facilitate for a superb baby bouncing experience thanks to its premium spring action. Secondly, this super stand can be folded flat to allow for convenient storage when this baby jumper is not in use. It also permits both indoor and outdoor utilization and you will not have to attach it to any doorway as it is freestanding. Your child will get improve his or her balance, develop rhythm, coordination and even strengthen their muscles.

It comes with a saddle which is specifically designed to offer a most perfect fit and you may like to think of it as second skin. This is very similar to surgical back supports or even a weightlifter’s belt. The Jolly Jumper with Super Stand can comfortably support maximum weights of up to 28 lbs and is meant for babies of 3 months and above.

10. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumper Jumperoo

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumper JumperooPrice: $166.42 from


  • There are six different toy stations plus two overhead attractions
  • It includes the safe rotating seat
  • Maximum Weight is 25 lbs
  • It requires 3 AA batteries

  • A great variety of wonderful toys.
  • It features a lot of bright colors and music.
  • It is sturdy and well-designed.
  • It helps to promote baby’s physical activity and mental growth.

  • The item is relatively expensive.
  • The batteries are not included.

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumper Jumperoo rounds up this baby jumper review. It integrates a refreshing a farm theme and can provide your child with hours of entertainment and learning experiences. All the while, he or she can jump or spin and develop motor skills. It offers 3 position height adjustment to ensure a most the very best fit for your child even when they grow up.

As for entertainment, your baby will be spoiled for choices. It comes with 6 different activity stations, 2 overhead toys and 10 full minutes of classic nursery rhymes. This includes Mary had a little lamb, Farmer in the dell and Hey Diddle. One of its toy stations is a farm flip book which does something different every time your baby flips through its pages. There is also a bobbling rooster that move every time your baby moves. Not forgetting a cow with rattle heads and a mirror pond.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo integrates a steel base construction that comes with non-slip footings.

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