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Top 10 Best Baby Gate Reviews

calendarMarch 24, 2017

As a parent, it can be hard to keep track of your baby or toddler all the time. You should baby-proof your house so that your child doesn't inadvertently harm himself, even when you are busy and can't look after him directly. If you keep your baby on a floor higher than the first in your multi-storied house, it's important to keep him away from the stairs. Choosing any of the best baby gates described below should keep your child out of harm's way.

10 Best Baby Gates in 2017
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21.00 lbs
36.00 inches
Free shipping
Very tall, easy to install, metal construction
May be too wide or too narrow for some doors, pressure mount not as secure as hardware mount
Bottom line:
An easy-to-install and intuitive-to-use gate for babies that is built to last can be hard to come by these days. Thankfully, this gate is everything parents need to ensure the safety of their baby.
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13.70 lbs
31.00 inches
Free shipping
Strong locking mechanism, pleasant aesthetics, strong build quality, durable
Extension pieces need to be bought separately, white shows dust easily
Bottom line:
With this safety gate, Munchkin has created a product that will serve most parents' needs effectively. Its stark design and strong build make it an excellent choice.
9 of 10
0.02 lbs
30.00 inches
Free shipping
Sleek design, easy to handle, pressure mounts
Hard to clean, pressure mount not as secure as hardware mount
Bottom line:
The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate presents excellent value for money at its price when you consider its feature set. It's a solid model that I have no problem recommending.
7 of 10
Free shipping
Unique design, looks futuristic, easy to open and close
No door, not strong enough to stop pets
Bottom line:
The Summer Infant Retractable Gate is one of the best baby gates for wide openings because the boundary part can be completely retracted into the base unit when it's not in use.
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11.00 lbs
29.90 inches
Free shipping
Designed for stairs, easy to manipulate latching mechanism, banister mounts
Build quality is a little flimsy, can't lock length of gate
Bottom line:
Regalo's express focus of making a product optimized for a single use scenario has paid off. This baby gate is an excellent choice for using with stairs.
9 of 10
3.00 lbs
25.00 inches
Free shipping
Aluminum body, certified by JPMA, available in black as well
A little short for older kids, slightly expensive
Bottom line:
Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate is the best baby gate you can get, if you're looking for something that's simple but works well.
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13.40 lbs
30.50 inches
Free shipping
Looks modern, easy to adjust its length, can be adjusted to fit walls that aren't perfectly level
Expensive, may not fit your walls perfectly
Bottom line:
This sleek aluminum baby gate from Munchkin introduces some innovation into the otherwise plain baby gate market segment.
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9.80 lbs
28.70 inches
Free shipping
Adjustable width, reminds me you to reinforce mounts from time to time, affordable price
No hardware mount option, hard to open or close for older children who are 5-6 years old
Bottom line:
There's a lot to like about Safety 1st's baby gate. It's got some nice safety features that earn it a recommendation.
9 of 10
19.00 lbs
30.00 inches
Free shipping
Luxurious linen cover, extra wide, strong hardware mount
A little expensive, heavy
Bottom line:
This gate from North States lives up to its name of being a Supergate. It's a cut above the rest in terms of quality and features.
6 of 10
12.80 lbs
36.00 inches
Free shipping
Expandable width, tall height, one-handed operation
No door for kids, isn't compatible with baseboards
Bottom line:
This gate is a unique option for those who don't mind choosing something different from the tried and tested lot.

1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, BronzePrice: $50.79 from


  • Imported
  • Metal build
  • Bronze finish
  • Hardware mount and pressure mount
  • The auto close feature is useful since the baby doesn't have to remember to close the door.
  • With its tall height, the gate is suitable for toddlers and pets as well.
  • Opens from both sides.
  • Metal, while strong and durable, could be more hazardous for a child.
  • Bronze color may not suit the style of all homes.

This walk through gate from Summer Infant is an important item to help make your house safe for babies. It's got a number of advanced design elements that aid in keeping children safe. Since it's one of the tall baby gates, it can be used to prevent older kids as well as younger ones from going places that may be hazardous to them.

The gate is pretty convenient to use because the manufacturer has implemented some unique ideas that make the gate's installation intuitive. Unlike other gates, this one doesn't require any drilling. Instead, it has pressure mounts. Pressure mounts are screw bolts with grippy covers that press into the walls of a corridor or sides of a door frame to keep the gate firmly in place.

The advantage of this over drilled mounts is that you can move it from place to place within your house without the use of any tools. Other models require the use of screwdrivers to just take off the gate. Summer Infant has also included a traditional installation method for this gate for those who'd prefer the extra security.

As it's a baby gate with door, your baby can freely pass through it, if you choose to allow him to. There's a lock for when you'd rather restrict his movement. This makes the gate more versatile and convenient to use. There's some extra functionality built into the door as well. It closes automatically after a child passes through it and it can be opened from both sides.

2. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate, White

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate, WhitePrice: $46.53 from


  • Swings open in both directions
  • Adjustable fit
  • White in color
  • Double locking system
  • The double locking mechanism makes it safer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Pressure mounts as well as hardware mount options are included.
  • Though white looks sleek, it gets dirty easily.
  • Included instructions are hard to follow.

When it comes to the best baby gate for stairs, this is it. This model is a high-quality gate built by Munchkin. The gate is built to be durable and strong. Its manufacturer has put it through rigorous testing to ensure that it doesn't fail, even under the harshest circumstances. Such a dedication to safety and durability is hardly found in most other products of its type. It's one of the aspects of the gate that make it worthy of consideration.

Several reviews of the unit state as much. The gate's design is time tested as being indestructible. It won't let you or your child down anytime soon. The strength of its build comes from its choice of material. Steel has been used to make the entire unit. The metal is strong and is the best fit for the intended purpose of keeping your child safe.

And it's not like the gate is only strong but doesn't have any features. This baby gate has all the extras one would come to expect from a modern appliance. An interesting aspect of this model's design is that its gate closes automatically. That means your child won't have to bother shutting the gate after passing through it. The gate accomplishes this feat through the use of a specially designed gravity hinge.

This model from Munchkin is an expandable baby gate. This makes it so that the gate is also good for wide spaces as well as narrow ones. However, you will need to buy additional pieces to expand it.

3. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29" and 39" Wide

3 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29 and 39 WidePrice: $32.00 from


  • Pressure mounted
  • 29-39 inches wide with extensions available up to 60 inches
  • Lever style handle
  • Perfect for kids and pets
  • Wall cup included for added security
  • One-handed operation makes it easier to open and close with your child in your arm, for example.
  • The availability of extensions allows more versatility in where you place it.
  • Easy to follow directions.
  • Hard to remove, once put in place.
  • Pressure mounts, though more convenient, are weaker than hardware mounts.

Few models of baby gates match up to this one by Regalo in the style department. It may seem just normal looking. However, it's designed with style and functionality in mind. Regalo's baby gate model is sleek and modern looking. It follows a minimalistic design. The modern looks are made to suit the styling of newer homes. This gate looks equally nice in all types of homes. It's meant to be unnoticeable and has a quiet visual profile.

You'll find that this gate is well equipped to keep your baby safe. Features you'll find on any good baby gate, are present here. There are a few nifty extras to sweeten the deal as well. A nice feature, which comes in handy quite a lot, is the pressure mounted system of setting up the gate.

While there are other units which ship with such a feature, they don't implement it as well as this one. In fact, the Easy Step Walk Thru Gate has been cited as the best pressure mounted baby gate by reviewers.

There's a lot more to like about this product as well. The gate is quite versatile. As the gate is strong and tall, it can easily be used for containing the movement of more than just small babies. It's effective at impeding the movement of toddlers and pets as well. This adds value to the product as it can be used even after your infant child grows into a toddler.

4. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

Summer Infant Retractable GatePrice: $69.98 from


  • Hardware mounted
  • Baseboard kit included
  • Decorative mesh pattern
  • Simple locking lever
  • Easy to store away as the gate occupies minimal space when the mesh is retracted.
  • The lock is easy to use for adults but hard to reach for children.
  • The mesh boundary looks good and adds to the product's style factor.
  • Hardware mounting is not as convenient as pressure mounting.
  • Not versatile and only suitable for small babies.

The Retractable Gate by Summer Infant has a vastly different design compared to traditional gates. In fact, it's not a gate in the true sense of the word as there is no opening or door that an infant can move through. This product is more of a cloth boundary. That means that there's no way for your child to move from one side of the gate to the other without your intervention.

You'll have to open the gate. This makes this more suitable for infants and small babies, since you don't want them to be moving around much on their own anyway. It does a fantastic job of keeping your child in one place.

While this product is an excellent choice for babies that can't walk, it's a less preferable option if your child is a toddler. A typical toddler would find the fact that the unit doesn't have a door an annoyance. Toddler's like to move around and play. While you do need to impede their movement from time to time, they should be given the option of freedom.

The point is that this gate is not a versatile option. It does make up for this fact with its futuristic design and functioning. The standout feature of this model is its portability. In this model, the main gate is made of cloth. It can be retracted into the base unit when not in use. The advantage is that, unlike traditional gates, it’s not in the way when it's not needed. Due to this, it's great for the bottom of stairs.

5. Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting Kit

Regalo Top Of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate, With Mounting KitPrice: $44.39 from


  • Walk through design
  • Made from steel
  • Length can vary between 28 and 42 inches
  • Banister mounting system
  • The gate is easy to put on, open and close because of its light weight.
  • The banister mounts hold the gate firmly in place.
  • It doesn't impede the movement of adults as there's enough space when it's open.
  • Smooth glide technology makes passage through the gate fast.
  • Some durability issues over time.
  • Not versatile, as it can only be effectively used with stairs.

If you're looking for cheap baby gates that are actually good, then this model could be the exact fit for you. Despite being lower in price compared to other baby gates, this Regalo model doesn't compromise on quality or functionality. It's covered all the essentials well enough that even people who regularly buy higher priced products won't feel like that they're skipping out on much.

It's got a relatively simple design. It can be described as looking clean and uncluttered, though people with more flamboyant tastes may find it lacking. It's meant to look mostly plain and blend in with the surroundings, as opposed to clashing and standing out. The bland white paint job is another contributing factor to its low-key aesthetics.

At its core, this baby gate is meant to be used at the top of stairs. Regalo made this unit with this one specific scenario in mind. As such, it excels when used in the conditions that it was meant for. Its specialization makes it one of the best baby gates for stairs.

A number of design choices were made to tailor this baby gate for the express purpose of fitting onto stairs. For example, it comes with a banister kit included in the package. This makes the product excellent for stairs with banisters.

There are some other features that improve everyday usability. The gate is easy to open and close as there's only one simple latch to manipulate the gate. The latch just needs to be squeezed to open.

6. Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate, White

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate, WhitePrice: $70.98 from


  • Comes in black and white color options
  • Juvenile Product Manufactures Association (JPMA) certified
  • Wall mounted
  • Available with wooden finish
  • The aluminum gate is light and easy to move around.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Straightforward installation.
  • Can be installed at angles up to 30 degrees.
  • Slightly overpriced.
  • No advanced features.

The Cardinal Gates are a great addition to any home that has small children and stairs. It increases the safety of your home for small babies, as it won't allow them to access places in your house that could be hazardous to them.

It's a great summer baby gate because it's made with the conditions of the season in mind. It will continue to work well, even in the increased temperature conditions of summer. It's also pretty resistant to the effects of humidity; since the gate isn't made of iron, you won't have to ever worry about rusting either. That doesn't mean that the gate is made out of weak plastic. No, the material it uses is stronger than plastic but lighter than steel.

The gate is made from aluminum, the same metal used to make fighter jets and sports cars. What’s special about aluminum is how light it is and, as such, the gate is easy to move around but pretty durable at the same time.

The gate is pretty simple in design and easy to set up. Cardinal Gates claims that it can fit in place in about 10 minutes or less. The easy to follow instructions add merit to these claims.

Another nice thing about this model is that it's been certified by the Juvenile Product Manufactures Association (JPMA), just like all of Cardinal Gates' products. This means that the gate has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it's safe for all children, in all homes. The certification gives peace of mind that you are buying a genuinely safe product.

7. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate

Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety GatePrice: $102.46 from


  • Indexed Sizing System (ISS)
  • Integrated Tuning System (ITS)
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Quick release mount
  • The quick release mount makes taking the gate on and off a simple task.
  • Length can be adjusted to be up to 40 inches.
  • Integrated Tuning System allows the gate to be used on irregular walls.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • It's priced higher than similar models.
  • Installing it properly is difficult.

This infant safety gate from Munchkin is another excellent option for parents to consider, in order to prevent their kids from reaching the stairs or other places they're not meant to go. This gate scores high in the style department. The unit looks sleek and modern. It's got a dark silver finish that'll make it look good in homes that follow a similar, minimalistic design theme.

As the name suggests, this model is another gate that's made from aluminum. The choice of aluminum for the building material allows the gate to be light yet strong and durable at the same time.

When it comes to fitting the unit, Munchkin has made some nice modifications that should, at least in theory, make the gate easier to install. One of these features is the Indexed Sizing System or ISS. ISS allows a user to quickly modify the length of the gate. It's more intuitive to use than other systems and solutions. In this system, there are preset index positions which the gate can be slotted into.

While this system makes changing the length easier, it also makes it so that you may not be able to adjust it to be a length that is perfect for your walls.

Another great addition to make the gate more practical is the quick release wall mount system. It may not always be feasible or necessary to keep the gate attached on the stairs. Sometimes you may have guests and wouldn't want their movement through your home impaired. The benefit of the quick release mount is that you can quickly remove the gate when you don't require it.

8. Safety 1st Easy Install Walk Thru Gate

8 Safety 1st Easy Install Walk Thru GatePrice: $39.82 from


  • Can be used between rooms, doorways and the bottom of stairways
  • SecureTech indicator
  • Pressure mounted
  • White in color
  • The SecureTech indicator is a unique feature which does well at alerting one to tighten the gate's mounts.
  • Wider opening than most gates.
  • Light and easy to carry.
  • Hard for toddlers to open or close.
  • Latch mechanism can be a bit finicky at times.

When it comes to the best baby safety gates, it doesn't get any better than this. Safety is in the name of the company itself. This should make the focus and priority on the safety of their products clear.

This gate uses a pressure mounted system. This type of mounting is more convenient as no tools are required to put it in place. You won't have to drill holes for mounts like you would for a hardware based system. Instead, just turn the screw to be firmly attached with the wall through pressure.

Unfortunately, the pressure the screw exerts on the wall tends to reduce over time. It needs to be tightened up every now and then. If you forget to do it, it could be potentially dangerous for your child, as the gate may not be able to prevent him from moving towards the stairs, for example.

Thankfully, the Walk Thru Gate has an excellent safety feature that reminds you to tighten the gate's mounts. It's called the SecureTech indicator. It turns red when the pressure of the screws is low and needs to be increased. It remains green otherwise.

Another great thing about the gate, from a safety standpoint, is the fact that the gate is easy for adults to open but not for babies. This means that while the gate will stop your baby from moving from room to room, it won't affect your mobility through the different parts of your home.

This model makes all these features and an attractive design available for an economical price. There's also combo offers, like packages of 2 gates, which sell at a discounted rate.

9. North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Linen, Hardware Mount

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Linen, Hardware MountPrice: $83.09 from


  • Wide walk-through door
  • Compact storage
  • Hardware mount
  • Linen cover
  • The gate feels really luxurious and premium because of the linen cover.
  • You can put it anywhere you require it, since it's so long.
  • It's been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).
  • No pressure mount available.
  • Linen cover makes it harder to clean.

This gate is one of the most popular gates for babies on Amazon. It's got numerous positive reviews that state how good it is. There are a number of reasons behind its success. It's got some great features and a pleasant design. The gate goes above and beyond the call of duty.

For example, the gate is extra-long. It can be adjusted to be just over 70 inches in length, making it one of the long baby gates. What's more is that it achieves this without the use of any extensions. All that you need to make the gate super long comes standard. This additional length is useful if you want to block your baby's passage between different rooms or at the bottom of a staircase.

The gate is slightly arched in the middle to make it look better. The unit is slightly off-white in color. North States, its manufacturer, has stated the color as being Linen. It's available in brown as well. This choice of color is great because you get to choose the hue of your gate, depending on the rest of the interior of your house.

The frame of the gate is made from durable metal, instead of the weaker but lighter plastic. Many other gates are made of metal as well, but they can hurt your child if there's an accident as there's nothing to cover the metal. That's where this model differs. It's not just covered with some standard cotton or synthetic material. It uses linen, the most comfortable fabric you can get for your baby. This makes the gate feel luxurious and gives it a great texture.

10. Dreambaby Broadway Extra Wide and Tall Expandable Gate with Track It Technology, White

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Linen, Hardware MountPrice: $118.78 from


  • EZY-Check Indicator to show whether the gate is securely in place or not
  • Swings both ways
  • Track-It Technology puzzle lock that can facilitate one-handed operation
  • Can be used for pets as well
  • JMPA certified
  • It can be set to swing in only one direction, perfect for the top of stairs.
  • The gate is versatile and can be used for pets and children alike.
  • EZY check indicator is a good security feature.
  • Difficult to assemble and attach.
  • The gate can be tricky to unlatch the first few times.

While it is a less popular model, this gate from Dreambaby is every bit as good as any of the others featured on this list. It's a simple gate meant to create borders that your infant child can't cross. It's a shame it's not more well-known and appreciated because it's got some unique selling points. There are definitely more than a few advantages to using this gate.

A feature which value-minded parents will appreciate is the height. The gate is pretty tall and can be used to stop infants as well as older children, such as toddlers, from moving from room to room.

The base rods of gates don't affect adults much, so parents don't notice it, but the bottom border is in a prime position to trip your child when he or she is walking. Though it's a relatively uncommon occurrence, it could still happen. This gate is designed in such a manner so that it will never trip your child. It's meant to be placed absolutely low, almost flush with the floor.

The gate has no door that can be opened, though. You'll have to unlock it and lift it out of its mounts before you can swing it open, if you want to clear the passage. It'll function more like a boundary than a gate for babies and toddlers, since they won't be able to open it by themselves.

As a safety feature, there's the EZY-check indicator. It quickly shows you whether or not the gate is locked in place correctly. When the gate's not locked in tightly, it turns red. When the gate is securely bound, it shows green. This way, you can quickly tell if it's securely latched or not.

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