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Top 10 Best Baby Bassinet Reviews

calendarMarch 24, 2017

A bassinet is one of the most convenient and comfortable places you can give your newborn to sleep or relax. You shouldn't compromise, if possible, since a bassinet goes a long way towards improving your baby's life. It's a safe place you can keep him, without worrying about whether he'll fall out or reach something that could harm him. With that said, what are the best baby bassinets available on the market today? Read on to find out.

10 Best Baby Bassinets in 2017
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24.40 lbs
33.00 inches
Free shipping
Made in Canada, luxurious upholstery, versatile
Hard to clean, can't remove bassinet with child inside
Bottom line:
If you're looking for the best baby bassinet or cradle, then this one, made by Monte Design in Canada, is it. It's handcrafted using premium materials and looks stylish.
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25.00 lbs
34.00 inches
Free shipping
Unique design, variety in choice of color, 100% silk build
Can only be dry cleaned, assembly can be clumsy
Bottom line:
This bassinet is perfect for parents that want to spoil their newborn daughter with a luxurious full silk finish model.
8 of 10
21.00 lbs
33.50 inches
Free shipping
Several choices in color and finish, easy to assemble, durable
Design might be too simple for some, white version gets dirty easily
Bottom line:
A clean and simple design, combined with excellent ergonomics and durability, earn this model a recommendation.
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32.00 lbs
37.00 inches
Free shipping
Unique design, antibacterial and antimicrobial protection, can be set up in less than 15 minutes
Not portable, no accessories included
Bottom line:
As the baby bassinet attaches to your bed, it's ideal if you want to keep your newborn close to you while you sleep.
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65.00 lbs
40.25 inches
Free shipping
Sturdy, has a lot of space to sleep, can be turned into a seat
Very heavy, paint can flake off
Bottom line:
This bassinet has been receiving some of the best bassinet reviews, thanks to its unique styling and excellent functionality.
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48.00 lbs
36.00 inches
Free shipping
Easily adjustable height, sidewall can be lowered, machine washable cover
Made of cheap synthetic fabrics, batteries not included
Bottom line:
As a bargain hunter, this bassinet can't be ignored. It's got a host of additional features that justify its somewhat higher price.
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13.00 lbs
28.00 inches
Free shipping
High level of craftsmanship, lightweight, vented side
The cool extra features won't find much use, zippers can be hard to close
Bottom line:
When it comes to portability, this model is the undisputed champion. It's the ideal model to get if you need a modern bassinet that's portable.
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29.80 lbs
34.00 inches
Free shipping
Mesh sides, 4 smooth wheels, secure
Made from synthetic materials, hard to disassemble
Bottom line:
This bassinet is a nice toffee colored model which works well in practice. Its features aren't merely marketing gimmicks and prove to actually be useful in day to day usage.
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27.00 lbs
34.50 inches
Waterproof mattress, lots of storage, affordable
Finish loses luster after some months, 15-pound weight capacity
Bottom line:
Its elegant wooden frame and sturdy design, along with the relatively affordable price tag are factors which make this the best bassinet for newborns.
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27.00 lbs
30.00 inches
Free shipping
Canopy is easy to adjust, the storage space underneath has a large surface for things to be stored, ideal for mothers recovering from a C-section
Lack of color options other than gray, wheels are small
Bottom line:
An excellent build quality and a handful of useful features make this a bassinet that'll satisfy the requirements of most parents.

1. Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern (Heather Grey Basket)

Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern (Heather Grey Basket)Price: $524.00 from


  • Includes waterproof mattress
  • 2 white fitted mattress covers included
  • Soft inner walls that are removable and washable
  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • A rocking bassinet is more relaxing than a static one.
  • The styling of the bassinet is modern and trendy.
  • The unit is very versatile since it can be used to store your child's toys after he grows too big for the basket.
  • Expensive, even by luxury bassinet standards.

Let's start off this list with one of the most premium and fully featured models you can buy. This unit is a luxury offering that's been handcrafted in Canada. It's not one of those bassinets that just catches one’s eye. No, with this product from Monte Design, you get what you pay for.

So what do you get for the steep asking price? Quite a lot really. You may notice that this bassinet has two curved wooden rockers at the bottom. A rocker is always a great addition to a product meant for babies. The consistent motion it produces is soothing for a baby. It helps him to relax and fall asleep quicker.

The rockers this model features aren't just any rockers. The rocking feet on this one are made of solid walnut. This is quite unlike that of cheap models which are made of plastic and, at best, covered with a wooden patterned vinyl.

The large dimensions of the entire unit might lead you to believe that the bassinet is not portable. After all, it's got a streamlined chrome stand and those wooden rocking feet I mentioned earlier. Despite these factors, though, it's actually still portable. This is because the basket of the bassinet, which is where you keep your baby, is completely removable. That means you can take it out and bring it with you anywhere.

However, be careful not to remove the bassinet while your child is still in it, since he could get hurt in the process.

Speaking of the basket unit, it's a pretty luxurious one. Your baby won't be complaining about comfort in this one. There are two choices of covering for the upholstery. You can either get it with a gray leather cover or a white colored one made of micro-suede.

2. bkb Prima Donna Bassinet Set, Ecru

bkb Prima Donna Bassinet Set, EcruPrice: $479.00 from


  • Majestic drapes
  • King sized bow
  • Frilly pillow and cover included
  • Mattress included
  • Silk is one of the best feeling materials used for making a bassinet.
  • The unit is pretty eye-catching and is sure to intrigue anyone that sees it.
  • The large bow on the front and the ruffled edges are nice additions which add to the appeal of the bassinet.
  • Design might be a bit too loud for people who have conservative taste.
  • While silk is prettier to look at and more luxurious to the touch, it can't be put in a washing machine, so you'll have to send it for dry cleaning whenever it gets dirty.

This bassinet is more suited towards a female child than a male one because of its outlandish styling. The styling is pretty flamboyant for a bassinet. The cradle itself, when put up at a height, includes a long skirt completely surrounding its legs. The skirt is quite frilly and full, making the product appear larger than it actually is.

Near the top the baby's bed, you'll find the included pillow, in the perfect size for a newborn's head. Its purpose is actually to be more decorative than functional. It's pretty frilly at the edges as well, adding to the flamboyant appeal. There's also a shade or hood at the rear, which looks like a headrest, and completes the design of the bassinet. All in all, it's a pretty classical looking unit, with clear design inspiration taken from typical fairy tales.

It's ideal if you have a young daughter, since it'll make her look and feel like a princess. The bassinet does more than just look good to justify its price. It's completely made from silk. Each and every part of it is made from the lustrous natural fabric of the best quality. This gives the product a decidedly premium feel and texture.

While you may find many bassinets offering a similar design for a lower price, they'll most certainly be compromising when it comes to the quality of the fabric used and the overall fit and finish. They could also be potentially less safe, as they aren't typically subjected to the same levels of vigorous testing this product has had to go through.

It's also worth noting that there several choices when it comes to the color in which this bassinet can be bought, such as light pink, light blue, ecru and white. Do note that the white version is more expensive by quite a margin because of the effort and energy it takes to bleach silk white without damaging it.

3. Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden and Fabric Bassinet, White/Grey

Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden and Fabric Bassinet, White-GreyPrice: $449.99 from


  • Beechwood construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Mattress and sheet included
  • Non-toxic paint
  • As it's a bassinet with mesh sides, it's easy to view your child while he's in it.
  • Compared to many other models of bassinets, this one takes a lot less effort and time to get up and running.
  • The wheels have brakes integrated into them which allow the bassinet to be fixed firmly in place.
  • The white paint job attracts a lot of dirt which needs to be cleaned off to keep the bassinet clean and hygienic.
  • The oval shape isn't the optimum utilization of a given amount of space.

When it comes to high-end bassinets, most are fashioned with flashy designs that are a bit too exotic for conservative tastes. Despite the features, luxury and quality of fabric they offer, many still shy away from them due to this reason. If you're one of those people, you know how hard it can be to find that same level of quality in a simple and unassuming design. The folks at Micuna heard your pleas and have brought forth the Smart Fresh Bassinet.

This model is a sleek and modern offering. At first glance, one might pass it off, as it looks like one of the cheap bassinets. However, though its design and form are unassuming, it's got a lot going for it that classify it as a decidedly premium product.

What differentiates it from similar looking bassinets is the fact that it's completely made from high-quality beechwood. Beechwood is more premium than plastic or metal. It feels better and is more durable. It'll last you a long time and look great while at it.

The design consists of an oval shaped cradle connected to two legs. The feet of the two legs have 3 rolling wheels each. These aid in moving the bassinet around from room to room, with ease. The addition of wheels is a definite boost to the portability and usability of the unit. It's also worth noting that the feet of the two legs are curved to match the curve of the bassinet. This keeps the unit looking symmetrical and boosts the style quotient of the product.

There are a great deal of variety in the finishes in which this bassinet is available. The manufacturer gives you the option of choosing between a metallic, natural or even a white finish. There are similar levels of choice to be found when selecting a color. The bassinet is sold in beige, white and gray.

4. babybay Bedside Sleeper (Pure White Finish)

babybay Bedside Sleeper (Pure White Finish)Price: $365.00 from


  • Securely fits onto any bed
  • Certified as safe by TUV/GS and JPMA ASTM
  • Made in Germany
  • Boosts baby's immune system
  • It's great at regulating a baby's breathing and body temperature.
  • The product is eco-friendly and made with high standard natural materials.
  • Helps you to form a close bond with your baby.
  • A little pricey.
  • Relatively useless without at least the mattress accessory.

Most bassinets take a closed-off approach towards their design. They are meant to be separate units that are used independently of any other furniture in the house. They're ideal to keep in the corner of the room where your baby is safe and you can easily keep watch over him. However, those parents who wish to keep their child close to them over the course of the night are left out, with regard to common design approaches.

This bassinet from babybay is one of the best in the niche category of bassinets that attach right next to your bed.

The product is made so that your baby can sleep with you and not feel lonely. At the same time, he won't be uncomfortable or in harm's way since he'll be sleeping on his own separate mattress, with necessary guardrails forming a boundary that'll prevent him from falling off.

The stock bassinet is rather plain when considered by itself. The unit consists of a plain white colored structure which has thin, but strong, vertical bars forming a boundary on three sides. The third side is left open since that's where the bassinet is going to join your own bed. The unit is rather sparse by itself. It's what keeps its price low, despite the use of premium materials for its precision manufacture.

You won't be hard-pressed to improve the functionality though, since there's a slew of compatible and first-party accessories available for it that fill in gaps in the features. For example, a mattress designed specifically to fit the proportions of the crib and a guard rail for the open side are both sold by babybay.

5. Arms Reach Concepts Inc. Co-Sleeper Sleigh Bed - White

Arms Reach Concepts Inc. Co-Sleeper Sleigh Bed - WhitePrice: $414.39 from


  • Made of beechwood
  • Fits all mattress sizes
  • As a mother, you won't have to get up from your bed to breastfeed since the bassinet, with your baby in it, is already attached to your bed.
  • Helps in bonding with your child during his early days.
  • Can support up to 500 pounds of weight.
  • The brakes on the wheels are a little hard to engage and disengage.
  • Height adjustment is a little finicky.

If you're looking for something truly royal, it can be hard to find. Today's bassinets are mostly modern looking with little classical influence showing. A nice, full crib that makes its presence felt has become a rarity. People who desire an old-fashioned bassinet need to look no further than this model since it's everything one could hope for and much more.

It's got a great classic look to it that gives the product a touch of personality, which most others lack. It looks homey and comfortable for your newborn.

However, its classy looks come at a price. I'm not just talking about the economic cost. It can literally be too much to bear for some because it's really heavy. It weighs several times more than the average bassinet.

It definitely has a significant heft to it which presents a detriment to portability. There are wheels at the end of the legs though, to help with moving it around. Depending on how physically capable you are, the significant weight may not affect you at all while moving the unit about, thanks to the inclusion of the smooth rolling wheels.

However, with the weight comes versatility. This bassinet will serve to be useful to you, even after your baby grows out of it, because the unit can be converted into a seat for your child when he becomes a toddler. It's the main reason why there's padding on the outer sides as well. It ensures that the sitting experience is just as excellent as the sleeping experience. Your child could sit on the seat while you read him a bedtime story, for example.

The bassinet can be attached directly to your bed. It's also pretty sturdy, thanks to a solid beechwood frame.

6. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, Luxe Series, Lemon Drop

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, Luxe Series, Lemon DropPrice: $279.99 from


  • Made from polyester
  • Machine washable sheet
  • Certified by JMPA
  • Ideal for mothers recovering from C-sections
  • The unit can play three different soothing lullabies to help your baby to fall asleep quickly.
  • The bassinet has two vibration modes to relax your newborn child.
  • The mattress pad is waterproof and doesn't have any toxic flame retardants.
  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • Sags and isn't completely stable.

So far, we have discussed bassinets that have put their focus on design and the use of premium quality materials. Some people may feel that getting more features is a better justification for a higher price. To those people, I would like to mention that other products exist, like the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper. Bassinets of this type focus on providing many additional features which most parents will find useful.

This particular model is actually quite affordably priced, relative to its feature set. It's great to keep by your bed but can be placed anywhere. It's the best baby bassinet to get, if you're looking for a model that goes above and beyond the usual call of duty.

As the name suggests, this bassinet can actually swivel. This sort of functionality is possible thanks to a special mechanism which allows the crib to rotate with respect to the base. Of course, the base needs to be fixed firmly in place to allow proper movement. The swiveling mechanic may seem pointless but it's actually a pretty useful feature. For example, when getting out of bed, you can turn the crib around so that it's easier for you to disembark from your bed.

Then there's the LUXE Plus Soothing Center. This control panel allows you to use many of the crib’s more advanced functions, such as floor lighting. The floor lighting is a useful feature that will undoubtedly prove to be a huge convenience on nights when your baby needs some midnight tending. What's even better is that it'll produce enough light for you to see, without disturbing your baby in any way.

7. BabyHome Air Bassinet - Sand

BabyHome Air Bassinet - SandPrice: $298.00 from


  • Phthalate free
  • Available in several colors such as tan, purple, red, etc.
  • Aluminum frame
  • Travel bag, foam mattress, mattress pad and two sheets included
  • The legs can be adjusted to make this a rocking crib for babies.
  • The fabrics it's made from are machine washable, making maintenance easy.
  • Handy storage pocket in the side.
  • Pretty low, meaning you'll have to lean in to get your baby out of it.
  • Instructions for use and assembly are hard to follow.

This bassinet was designed with a single focus in mind: to be light. In fact, BabyHome's excellent R&D might have produced one of the lightest bassinets available on the market.

The benefits of being light for a bassinet are several and need no introduction. The most obvious benefit is that the bassinet becomes a lot more versatile if it's light because not only can it be used at home, but it can also be used when traveling or visiting other places. It increases the value and versatility of the bassinet.

Despite its light weight, the bassinet doesn't skimp out on the essentials. It's just as comfortable for a baby as other models which are heavier and harder to maneuver. That means even parents who don't plan on moving the unit about much can consider it. The bassinet is as great for folks who plan on leaving it at home as it is for parents who are constantly on the move.

In addition to its wonderfully implemented core functionality, it's got a ton of nifty extras that are sure to prove useful.

The first is the easily attachable changing pad. This accessory is easy to put on. It's a huge convenience when changing a baby's diaper and makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier to complete. Just like the entire bassinet, the changing pad too is made from machine washable fabrics, so cleaning up afterward is going to be as hassle-free as it can be.

Then there are the mesh windows. These make this model an ideal baby boy bassinet since it allows you to keep a vigilant watch over your child at all times. The mesh window can also be covered up by zipping on the flap. This approach is the best of both worlds, as you get the benefit of being able to see your baby through the mesh window during the day and cover it up at night to stop light from entering the crib, hence ensuring a good night's rest for your baby.

8. Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper with Embroidered Skirt (Toffee)

Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper with Embroidered Skirt (Toffee)Price: $241.49 from


  • Sheet and mattress included with bassinet
  • The sides are made of mesh material which allows airflow
  • Fabric liner is machine washable
  • Dual-mode bassinet
  • Storage baskets underneath to store all your baby's essentials.
  • Getting the functionality of two separate types of bassinets for the price of one.
  • Unique color.
  • Replacement pieces hard to find.
  • Relatively small brand.

This bassinet is a versatile model that can be used in two different ways. The mode you use will depend on your requirements. The first mode is using the bassinet as a freestanding model. You'll be able to set it up to stand on its own, in any room of your house, independent of any other furniture.

This is the most common approach used with bassinets. It's also the more adaptable way of using a product of its type because you have full freedom of choice in where and how you want to set it up. Whether you choose to place it in your own bedroom or the room next to yours is completely up to you because it functions just the same in either case.

The second mode of using this bassinet is as a co-sleeper. When setting it up for this mode, the unit is meant to be attached to your bed. It's got all the necessary adjustment options available so that you can find the perfect fit. The height is pretty easy to change, since it requires the manipulation of only a single knob. It's even compatible with tall beds. The width of the unit won't be a problem either.

This mode is great for when you want to keep your baby close to you while sleeping at night, so that it's easier to breastfeed and tend to him. Co-sleeper bassinets are relatively rare which makes this dual-mode bassinet stand out even more.

9. Contours Classique Wood Bassinet, Orion

Contours Classique Wood Bassinet, Orionfrom


  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Dark cherry finish
  • Quilted and padded interior
  • Has a diaper stacker
  • The included changing table fits onto the bassinet securely.
  • Cradle can be removed from the frame to carry anywhere in your home by using it with the included basket accessory.
  • Organization of pockets is great.
  • Can be used for only a limited period of time since it can't support older babies who weigh more.
  • Included mattress is slightly thin.

The Contours Classique Bassinet is one of the most popular baby bassinets. In fact, it's sold out at many outlets and might be hard to find as a result. Don't let the limited availability deter you though, since the bassinet is well worth the effort it takes to find it. With one look at the model, it shouldn't be hard to see why.

It's an elegantly styled appliance that'll match the aesthetic of classy homes. Its distinguishing feature is the fact that it uses a lot of premium quality wood in its construction. The wooden frame is solid and sturdy. It's finished off in dark cherry style.

The mattress provided is comfortable and should do a good job of providing your infant the support he needs in the early stages of his life, when lying down.

While it's pretty comfortable on its own, the bassinet's manufacturer, Contour, has also added padding and quilting to the sides of the interior to make the make the experience of sleeping on the mattress an even more enjoyable one. This padding ensures that your baby won't get hurt when he inadvertently rolls into the wall while sleeping. He may not even notice the impact at all.

The bassinet's also got a few other features, especially in the storage department. The bassinet has a hanging deluxe storage organizer. This gives you a place to keep items you require while tending to your baby. Pacifiers, bottles and other items of that sort fit in easily. There's also a separate diaper stacker to make the chore of swapping out your baby's soiled diapers less of a hassle.

10. Dream Suite Bassinet in Paris

10 Dream Suite Bassinet in ParisPrice: $201.51 from


  • Rocking crib
  • Canopy fixed on top to stop excess light from reaching your baby
  • Grey and white color scheme
  • Storage space underneath crib
  • Canopy blocks light effectively and helps your baby to fall asleep, even in a well-lit room.
  • Continues rocking for a long time after a single, gentle push.
  • The soft toys fixed on top offer a fun distraction to your baby.
  • The storage space is a little shallow in height.
  • It's a bit hard to move around since its wheels aren't the smoothest.

This Bassinet is a product from the well-known manufacturer of baby products, Graco. Graco is a well-respected brand known for making sturdy and durable products that prove reliable and dependable in the long run. Its focus on quality over features is what sets the brand's products apart in today's saturated market.

The Dream Suite Bassinet is the best example of this philosophy. It's a polished product that's gone through rigorous testing, after months of R&D, to ensure you get the best possible bassinet for your money.

While its specialty is being reliable and secure, it does have a handful of features to add value to its purchase. Chief among these is the fact that it's a rocking crib. It sways from side to side to produce a familiar and relaxing motion which will soothe your baby. The gentle swaying will calm him and allow him to fall asleep sooner than would be possible otherwise.

The bassinet also has a vibration feature. It produces gentle vibrations that complement the rocking of the crib to soothe your child. There are two settings for this feature: a gentler, slower mode and a faster, more vigorous mode. The slower mode produces vibrations that can only be faintly perceived. In contrast, the more vigorous mode can create a massage-like an experience but is still gentle enough to not harm or agitate your baby.

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