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50+ Happy Anniversary Quotes For Him - Make Him Feel Special

calendarMay 30, 2017

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the memories of yesterday, the joys of today and the hopes of tomorrow. It is a time to say, I love you then and I love you still. Through all the petty fights, the silly arguments and the electrifying quests, you have made it and you should be very proud. Whether you and your king have spent a month together or ten years together, you can celebrate your anniversary and make him feel special.

Don’t know how to say happy anniversary to him? Well, you have loads of options. You can take him out on a nice date, you can give him some anniversary cards that you made or you can even whisper nice things in his ears but don’t forget to send him some anniversary quotes, that’s like adding icing on the cake. Below you can find over 50-anniversary quotes for him. Don’t be afraid to use them.

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Wedding anniversary quotes for him

Marriage is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated each year.

Surprise your king with these wedding anniversary quotes for him. Let him know your true feelings for him and make him feel special. Here are some happy anniversary quotes for him.

1. You are my strength, my soulmate and my life. Happy anniversary my husband. Thank you for being a part of me. I love you.

It is so nice when you can use words to tell your partner how much they mean to you. Telling your husband that he brings joy to your life is something that he will never get tired of hearing.

2. On our anniversary I want you to know that you are still the one, who is everything that I need in a man. Happy anniversary my love. I couldn’t imagine my life without you.

This is a nice one! A sweet quote for your husband that says “you complete me”. It is short but very deep. Let him know that he is very important in your life.

3. As each year passes by, our love for each other gets stronger. I made the best decision when I said “yes” to your proposal. Thank you for being the best husband on this planet. I love you so much. Happy anniversary to us.

Super adorable quote that will definitely put a smile on his face. He will love it.

4. Ten years ago, you stole my heart on this very day and I hope that you will keep it as long as we both live. Continue to love and protect it. I love you, my husband. Happy anniversary.

Very nice! I bet he can’t wait to see this one. He will love it!

5. My husband, you are a blessing from above. I love you now and forever. Happy anniversary.

Anniversary sentiments - My husband, you are a blessing from aboveShort and simple but very effective. Which man wouldn’t want to hear this from his queen?

6. I am the luckiest wife in this world because I have you as my husband. Happy anniversary my love.

Very sweet! You think you are the luckiest woman alive all because of him. I bet he can’t wait to see this one. He will love it!

7. I can never explain my love for you. It is so deep, so pure and true. Happy anniversary my love.

Short and sweet. I love this.

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8. Even after years of being together, as husband and wife. I still get butterflies in my stomach when we kiss. I just can’t help myself. You are an amazing man. Happy anniversary. I love you.

Awww, this is too sweet. Don’t wait any longer. Send it to him right now.

9. To my husband, you are not the only man in this world. But you are the only one that matters. I love you. Happy anniversary.

Anniversary quotes for him - To my husbandYes! This is definitely the one for him.

10. My sky was dark and cloudy until you brought your sunshine and light it up. You are my heartbeat, my love and my sunshine. I am happy that you chose me as your wife and I will continue to be the best wife that I can be. Happy anniversary my awesome husband.

A sweet message for a sweeter husband. Love it!

Cute anniversary quotes for him

Surprise your king with one of these cute anniversary quotes for him. Put it on a gift card, send it in a text message, whatever you choose to do just ensure that he sees it. I know that he will love and treasure it.

1. Every love story is beautiful but our love story is my absolute favorite. I love you my darling. Happy anniversary.

This is a cute way to say that you cherish all the time spent together with him. He will love this.

2. I know exactly what love is and I know because of our love. I love you my heartbeat. Happy anniversary to us.

Very sweet. Send this one to him right away.

3. We have known each other for five years and we have been together for three. And after all these years you are still amazing to me. Happy anniversary my love.

Poetic and cute. Way to go!

4. To the man that I want beside me, every single night, for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary.

Women want to know that they are needed and appreciated. Men want to know this too. This is a nice way to let him know that you love and appreciate him.

5. You complete me! Happy anniversary my king. I love you.

Happy anniversary quotes for him - You complete meSimple and cute but will definitely get the job done.

6. It is a dream come through to spend my life with you. Happy anniversary.

I love this one. What are you waiting for? Send it to him.

7. I am going to love you forever. Happy anniversary.

This one needs no explanation. I love it!

8. The day that I met you was the best day of my life. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

Send this one to him only if you mean it.

9. To my favorite man: Happy anniversary. I love you, sweetheart.

Awwww, this is so cute!

10. No picture frame in this world is big enough to fit the beautiful memories of our relationship. Happy anniversary baby.

Simple and cute quote. I love this.

11. I loved you then, and I love you still. Always have, forever will. Happy anniversary my king.

Super adorable quote that will light up his mood. He is going to love it.

12. If I was to choose again, I would choose you again and again. I love you so much. Happy anniversary.

How cute is this one? Definitely one of the best and cutest quote ever!

13. My husband, my lover, my partner, my best friend. I got the full package. Happy anniversary my baby.

Such an adorable quote! It’s short, sweet, and to the point. He will love it.

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14. I thank God every day that we met when we did. I would never be complete without you. Happy anniversary my love.

So sweet! Which man doesn’t want to hear that he completes you? Love it!

15. Happy anniversary my king. No one else understands me the way you do. I am so happy that I found you.

Aww, so sweet. Send it to him!

16. I am lucky to have a man like you in my life. Happy anniversary baby.

Anniversary quotes for him from the heart - I am lucky to have a maSimple and to the point!

17. To my handsome man, the man of my dreams, my rock, happy anniversary. I love you.

Awesome quote. I love it!

18. To the sexiest man alive. Happy anniversary. I love you, baby.

A sexy message for a sexier man. Love it.

19. It was easy to fall in love with you and staying in love with you was even easier. Happy anniversary my love. I am anticipating the next year with you.

Isn’t this a cute quote? It is a quote that will make your man feel special and loved.

20. To the man that I want to be with for a lifetime, Happy Anniversary! Words will never be enough to express my feelings for you.

Sometimes cute and simple quotes like this will do the trick.

21. You are an incredible man! Happy Anniversary my darling.

Romantic anniversary quotes for him - You are an incredible manYes, this might sound simple but I put it to you that he will like it.

22. When a woman has a good man it is easily shown on her face. Happy anniversary to us. I love you!

So lovely. I love this!

23. As the years pass by, I love you more and more. Happy anniversary baby.

Cute and nice. He wants to hear this every day, send it to him.

24. The love that you have given me is the best gift in this world. My life was so dark but you added many colors to it. Today we celebrate a year together and I pray that I will celebrate many more years with you. Happy Anniversary! I love you.

Nice! If you are searching for 1st-anniversary quotes for him, then this is one of them. It is always good to tell him exactly how you feel about him.

25. The happiest feeling in this world is to know that you are in love with someone who loves you even more. Happy anniversary my king. I love you so much.

Super sweet quote for a super sweet man.

Romantic anniversary quotes for him

So I heard that you want to get romantic with those anniversary quotes. Well, that’s a great idea! Below are some romantic anniversary quotes for him. These are anniversary quotes for him from the heart. You can pick, choose and refuse.

1. I know that I found true love, because ever since you came into my life I feel a sense of great happiness. I cherish each and every day that I spend with you and I know that whatever comes our way we will face them together. Thank you for loving me. Happy anniversary to us.

Very romantic and extremely passionate! This is definitely a quote that he will love.

2. I remember praying to God to let me find my true love and my prayers came through the day when I met you. As we celebrate our first anniversary together, I pray that we will celebrate many more anniversaries. Happy anniversary my love.

Absolutely romantic. I love it!

3. I am very happy because we have made it through another year together. It was a year filled with ups and downs but we pulled through because we stuck together. Thank you for all your love and affection. I love you. Happy anniversary to us.

Another romantic quote that will brighten up your man’s day in an instant. Absolutely beautiful! He will love this.

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4. To my sweet and loving husband. Thank you for reminding me every day that I am the woman of your dreams. You have been my husband, my best friend, my provider and my lover. You have been the rock in our relationship and you make sure that I always have your shoulders to lean on. Happy anniversary honey. I love you! P.s…. Later will be greater )….

Yes, girl! Tell him exactly how it is. He is waiting for this one.

5. If you live to be ninety-nine, then I want to live to be ninety-nine minus one day, because I never want to live a day without you in my life. Happy anniversary my king. I love you!

Aww, this is too much. I love it!

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Funny anniversary quotes for him

It is always good to try and make your king laugh at least once in a while. Check out these funny quotes for him.

1. Today is our anniversary and I want you to know how much I enjoyed annoying you for all the years that we spent together. I also want you to know that I am very excited to keep on annoying you for the rest of our life. I love you, my baby. Happy anniversary.

Sweet and funny. I know this one will make him laugh out loud.

2. You are my cheese to my macaroni. Happy anniversary my cheese. I love you.

This one might be funny but it is also very deep. What is macaroni and cheese without the cheese? Think about it!

3. To days of loving, weeks of arguing, months of war. You are the most annoying man on this earth by far! Though all this is true, I love you with all my heart. Happy anniversary my love.

Good one. I love it!

4. I don’t know how you managed to put up with “all of me” for another year. But I am happy that you managed. Happy anniversary baby. I love you so much.

This one is cute and funny at the same time. He knows that you are worth it and that is why he love you regardless of all your imperfections.

5. I should get a very special gift for living with you all these years! Happy anniversary my love. I look forward to many more years with you.

This is nice. I wish you many years together!

6. To another year of misery and suffering. Happy anniversary! Lol, I love you, baby.

A message that will make him laugh.

7. Our relationship is like a battlefield. I always prepare myself for a war. Happy anniversary, though. Lol, I love you, baby.

You know your man and you know the relationship you two have together. If you think that this will make him laugh then send it to him.

8. Congratulations to you for dealing with a woman like me for all these years.

Happy Anniversary, love!

This is what true love looks like.

9. I know that a condolences note would be more fitting for you on our anniversary day but I thought that I would let you have this quote. Happy anniversary my husband I love you so much.

Lol, this is too funny.

10. To my husband: I know that you would forget our anniversary again. But once you get this quote, you will get me a gift and a card and hide it, so that it will look like you remembered it. Happy anniversary!

Lol, too funny. We all know that men tend to forget special dates like this. This one will make him laugh out loud and get you that gift!

11. Today marks another year on our journey as a couple. I must say that you are a very strong man. Only a strong man would be able to put up with me all these years! Happy anniversary my love.

Another funny quote just for him. I love it!

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So there you have it! More than fifty love anniversary quotes for him. These are great anniversary sentiments for your king and are awesome for your relationship anniversary. Congratulations on your journey as a couple. I wish that you will celebrate many more anniversaries together and I pray that God will guide you every step of the way.

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