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70+ Cute Couple Quotes - Collection that Will Touch Your Heart

calendarMay 30, 2017

In this article, we have mentioned a collection of cute relationship quotes. A perfect relationship is rarely found in this world and all of us experience good and bad times with our better halves at some point or other in our life. However, you need to adjust accordingly with your sweetheart and you can share these cute quotes about relationships with him or her that can help to make your bond stronger.

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Cute Relationship Quotes for Him

Although the majority of females have a strong desire to manifest their love to their partners, sometimes their love becomes so intense that it becomes almost impossible to do so.

Fortunately, these cute relationship quotes to say to your boyfriend that are mentioned below will aid you to express your love to your partner.

  1. I do not need paradise since I have found you. I do not need dreams since I already have you.

  2. You are the one I think of just before going to sleep and you are the one I think of when I wake up.

  3. True love does not mean the period of time you have been together; it is all about how much you love one another every single day.

  4. I never planned it, but you are the best thing that has happened in my life.

  5. I always faced troubles picking the right thing for me. But, without any doubt, you are the ideal one that I could ever get.

  6. Thank you, sweetheart, for making me feel as the most beautiful woman on earth.

  7. I have fallen in love many times in my life..... always with you.

  8. I feel jittery each time I see you, although I have met you so many times in my life.

  9. Last night I went to bed with a smile since I know that I would be dreaming of you.... and I got up this morning smiling since you were not a dream. Good morning sweetheart!

  10. I thank God for I wake up next to you every day. And, I am grateful to God since I lie beside you every single night.

  11. I'm grateful to you for providing me with something to smile about each day. I'm grateful to you for offering me an excuse to be grateful every day.

  12. I enjoy the sunrise every morning since it reminds me that I have one more day to spend with my lover.

  13. I can swim across all the oceans and I can walk through the desert only to see you smile.

  14. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey through life. You're the only one whom I want to be by my side.

  15. While you go through these words, know that right now there is somebody who cares about you and loves you more than anybody else.

  16. The best thing I have done in my life is giving my heart to you.

  17. A real man will love only one woman in his life. I am proud that you are my man.

  18. You're the type of guy I would like to make breakfast for.

  19. You make me feel complete. Before meeting you, I didn't know the true definition of love.

  20. He is not perfect and he has errors, but he is perfect to me and this is the most important thing to me.

  21. We kiss, we fight, we argue, we smile, we love... that's us.

  22. Forever is a long time, however, I would not mind spending it with you by my side.

  23. You're my only sunshine and you will never understand how deeply I love you; please do not take my sunshine away.

  24. You're the one who makes me complete. When things go wrong, I simply call on you and you inspire me to carry on. I didn't know the meaning of love before we met each other.

  25. It is a pleasure to wake up every morning since I get another opportunity to see your penetrating eyes, your lovely smile and your charming face.

  26. In this wild world full of uncertainties and chaos, one thing will never change and that is my love for you.

  27. I find pleasure to think that I am yours and you’re mine. This gives me the motivation to have a good day.

  28. I will always take care of you and do everything to protect you. I will always remain at your side.

  29. Whenever you are going through tough times just remember this... I love you.

  30. I wish to show him that nobody has loved him before. I can go on loving him for eternity.

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Cute Relationship Quotes for Her

Below, we have mentioned an assortment of cute relationship quotes and sayings for your girlfriend or wife:

Cute relationships quotes

  1. Sweetheart, there is no need to care for yourself anymore.... I am here to look after you forever till I die. I love you!

  2. If you stop standing in front of the mirror and only look at yourself just as I do, you'd know that you're the most beautiful girl ever.

  3. I have been waiting for you all my life. I have dreamt of you all my life. And I'm happy that it has come true right now. Thank you for that, I love you!

  4. Looking at you I can see the future ahead of me.

  5. Dreaming of you makes me sleep and thinking of you helps to keep me awake. Being with you helps to keep me alive.

  6. I pick you and I will go on picking you again and again.

  7. If you live for 100 years, I want to live for one day less since I cannot live without you.

  8. You have bewitched my body and my soul.... I am in deep love with you.

  9. You have always been my dream girl. I was in love with you even before I met you.

  10. God is kind to me because He has sent me the most beautiful girl in the world.

  11. You have taken everything from me. I have taken everything from you. So right now we can blackmail one another.

  12. I want to hear the phrase "I love you" all my life from your lips.

  13. No matter what you have done in your life and no matter what is going to happen in future, I will be there to stand by you always.

  14. It isn't your job to transform your man. It is your job to train yourself how to understand him.

  15. Your love has transformed me completely. I think when somebody falls in love, everything changes.

  16. Do not utter any word. Let the silence from our heart speak for us.

  17. I might not be able to stay with you all the while, but I would like to let you know that you're always with me. I love you!

  18. You're the best thing that has happened in my life and I would not allow anybody to snatch you away from me.

  19. I loved you because you were perfect. And then I saw that you are not flawless which makes me love you even more.

  20. You're the best thing I can have in my life. You mean the entire world to me and I really care for you.

  21. You do not fall in love with somebody for their riches, but because they sing a song which only you are able to hear.

  22. I want you and everything of you including your imperfections, your mistakes, and your flaws.

  23. I love you and will go on loving you till the day I die and if there is a life following that I would still love you.

  24. Just want to let you know that I still love you although you are not naked right now.

  25. When I saw you, I was scared to meet you. When I met you, I was scared to talk to you. When I talked with you, I was scared to kiss you. When I kissed you, I was scared to love you. And now that I am in love with you, I'm scared of losing you.

  26. My life has been better ever since we met one another. I love you and do not want to lose you.

  27. There is no individual in this world who I can love more than you.

  28. Love is the strongest of all the passions and it simultaneously attacks the heart, the head, and the senses.

  29. The best things in this world cannot be heard or seen but must be felt with one's heart.

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Cute Short Relationship Quotes

Here are several best relationship quotes which will inspire any couple:

Cute short relationship quotes

  1. I can do nothing without his love and with his love, there is nothing which I cannot do.

  2. Friendship might end in love, but love will never end in friendship.

  3. Sex helps to alleviate tension while love causes it.

  4. Every man requires two women, an exciting nymph, and a quiet homemaker.

  5. A coward will not be able to exhibit the passion of love; it is actually the prerogative of the courageous.

  6. Once you know how to love, you will learn how to live.

  7. No three words in this world have a greater power than "I love you".

  8. Love is the secret key that opens the gateways of contentment.

  9. Love is eternal; the essence will never change, although the aspect might.

  10. Love is something which happens to a man and a woman who do not know anything about one another.

  11. Lovers don't get tired of each other since they always talk about themselves.

  12. Love helps to connect two hearts.

  13. Real love stories do not have any ending.

  14. Loving any individual will be to see the face of God.

  15. It is not possible to buy or sell love; love is its only price.

  16. Genuine love means 2 seeds grow separately till they are united in matrimony forever.

  17. He who is not patient cannot be in love.

  18. Evil guys obey from fear; good guys, from love.

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Funny Cute Relationship Quotes

Below we have mentioned a collection of cute funny relationship quotes:

  1. Love is similar to an hourglass with the heart getting filled up while the brain empties.

  2. The best way to have your spouse remember your anniversary will be to tie the knot on his birthday.

  3. Some individuals question the reason for our long marriage. We go to the restaurant 2 days every week. He goes Tuesdays, I go Thursdays.

  4. One cannot make gravitation responsible for individuals falling in love.

  5. The 3 things every woman needs in life are food, shelter, and compliments.

  6. My husband and I were happy for 25 years and then we met.

  7. Marriage happens to be a wonderful institution, but nobody would like to live in an institution.

  8. Whenever you fall in love, it is the most wonderful two-and-a-half days in your life.

  9. An archaeologist is an ideal husband any female can have; his love for her increases as she becomes older.

  10. Love is similar to a backache which does not show up on x-rays, but one knows it is there.

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Cute Captions for Couples

A cute relationship quote will do wonders for any couple to make their relationship even stronger. Here are several short cute relationship quotes for the couples:

Cute captions for couples

  1. True happiness is how much we actually enoy and not how much we have.

  2. What will be your reaction if I kiss you right now?

  3. Before, you perform everything on your own. Now, while you do everything you ensure that your lover knows about it. In this way, you fulfill your promises to one another that no secret should be made.

  4. I will do everything for my lover. I will vow to love him every second of my life. I will remain committed till the very end.

  5. Behind each amazing couple are 2 wonderful individuals who battled hard to overcome every single challenge that came their way.

  6. If it is required to explore the world to find you, I'll do it all over again. It is you who I am destined to be with.

  7. Behind every successful man, there is a woman. They are the most awesome individuals who are the greatest supporters of all times.

  8. Love is something which binds two individuals. Trust is something which unites them. By keeping them together you'll have your own once and for all.

  9. I can do the impossible only for you.

Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Although many couples across the planet live separately many miles apart due to some unavoidable reasons, they still maintain the perfect relationship amongst themselves which can make anybody proud of them.

A true relationship can never be broken even if the partners stay far apart from each other.

Below are some cute long distance relationship quotes.

  1. A thousand kilometers between you and me. So many days are gone but I still love you as before.

  2. Days seem like months when we are apart. Everything moves in slow motion apart from my heart. Hope to see you shortly.

  3. I get the strength to go through the day by the very thought of seeing you tomorrow.

  4. So long as you are there in my heart and I am in yours, no distance will be able to separate us.

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Using famous quotes about love and relationships is a wonderful way of expressing our emotion to somebody who is near to us. It takes time for a new relationship to prosper and these quotes will even melt the toughest heart quite easily. Sometimes unwanted disputes and controversies can result in a complicated relationship between 2 individuals; however, a special love quotation will be able to foster a sweet relationship between them once again.

Find more cute relationship quotes in this video:

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